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Using Steel Molds for Plastic Injection Molds

When considering plastic injection molds, using steel molds can give one an advantage depending upon the molding process and types or quantities of parts that are needed. ICOMold uses steel for its molds for the many advantages that aluminum molds do not have. Of course, there are aluminum advantages too, but ICOMold chooses the steel for our molds for the following reasons:   Steel can handle higher temperatures and pressure than aluminum can without the molds changing shape or warping. Unlike aluminum molds, steel [...]


3D Printing vs CNC Machining

The question to ask when considering 3D Printing vs CNC Machining is: “What will my parts be used for?” As these are two different processes, the products they produce must be considered completely different beasts as well. 3D Printing is an additive process whereas CNC machining (or milling) is a subtractive process. Sure there are pros and cons for each process, but ultimately, what is it you want your plastic part to do or accomplish? After examining the products [...]


Which Injection Mold Type Is Best for You?

Which Injection Mold Type Is Best for You? The best way to educate our customers is to ask what they need then show them their options. A plastic injection mold is an investment in your business and your product. You want the best quality for the lowest price, and since ICOMold® offers different mold types, which is the best for your plastic parts and your budget? •  When ICOMold runs your Production Injection Mold* in our facility, we guarantee the mold for the [...]


Searching for Injection Molding on the Web

One thing that can frustrate the most savvy of marketing professionals is the “moods” of the internet. I say “moods” because figuratively that is exactly what occurs to each engine algorithms. Every business wants more traffic coming to their website to see the latest and greatest offerings for their customers but it can be difficult to show potential customers your latest and greatest offerings when search engines (like Google, for example) change the way search operations happen by altering [...]


“Quality” and “Low Cost”: the Odd Couple of the Injection Molding High Rise

We’ve heard it from the time our parents turned on the television or radio: low-cost and high quality the soap box rants of the commercial advertiser. If it’s not the blind taste test of two colas, then it was the stuffing versus potatoes debate. Whose car was better? Whose t.v. network was the top of the ratings? Did your knife slice through an aluminum can then zoom through a tomato? Or can your blender atomize a brick then obliterate [...]


Will 3D Printing Be the Demise of Plastic Injection Molding?

Some observers of the plastics manufacturing industry, especially those with a vested interest, would like to have you believe that 3D printing is going to be the demise of injection molding. While there are certainly cases where 3D printing makes sense, the reports of the death of injection molding have been greatly exaggerated. Plastic injection molding is a tried and true method of production that is in no danger of going away anytime soon. It is a basic, dependable method [...]


How Online Quoting Compressed Time for Plastic Injection Molding

As recently as a couple of years ago, it took engineers days or even weeks to obtain a quote for a custom plastic injection molding project. Today, the quotation processing time has been compressed to just a matter of hours. Through the Internet and some very complex, innovative online quotation systems, the automation of the quotation process has revolutionized the plastic injection molding industry. The Need For Speed Products today have an increasingly shorter lifespan. Think about how quickly new models [...]


How Colorants Affect Plastic Characteristics

There are many synthetic polymers available today, each with its own unique properties. Some are more impact-resistant than others, some have more UV resistance, and some bend more rather than break. Anyone starting a custom plastic injection molding project should have initial discussions with their injection molder about material options, in order to choose the most suitable material with the properties needed for the function of the parts. One aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn’t always get the consideration it [...]


Brand Taglines and Why We Chose Ours

Earlier this year, we went through a re-branding of ICOMold. It consisted of a new logo, with new colors, and a refresh of our website. A notable change to our logo is that we changed our tagline from “Low Cost. Fast Parts.” to “Custom Digital Manufacturing.” This was no trivial decision, as a tagline is very important to a brand’s identity in conveying the essence of what the company does. So what is digital manufacturing, and why did we [...]


What is custom injection molding?

Many manufacturers need a large number of custom made plastic parts in order to complete a new product, but businesses don’t always know the best way to produce such a large number of plastic parts in a short amount of time. The answer: Custom injection molding. This process is the No. 1 way to produce a large quantity of high-quality, low-cost plastic parts for your business’ next major project. By having ICOMold’s engineers create a custom mold of your [...]


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