Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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At ICOMold, we specialize in custom plastic injection molding.

Working with your part design, we create a custom mold out of hardened steel and use the plastic injection process to produce your parts.

This gives you a high production rate, low labor costs, high repeat tolerance, and little need to do anything to finish the plastic injection part. Unused plastic pellets and runners can be used for future molds so there is virtually no waste.

The process starts with our instant online quotation system. Upload your 3D CAD files and select your custom options (such as part quantity and material). You can also specify custom and secondary processes.

There may be instances when your design has moldability issues. There are certain design aspects – such as draft angle and undercuts – that may affect whether your part can be molded as designed. Don’t worry if your design needs modifications, our project engineers will work with you to make the necessary changes.

The next step is building your mold and sending you samples. You’ll own the mold, but we will maintain it and run parts for you. Our production molds carry a lifetime warranty, so we will make any necessary repairs.

When you work with ICOMold, you always know the status of your project. You can use the online discussion board to communicate directly with your project manager and mold engineers. You will use the same account information from receiving your custom plastic injection molding quote to log into the same system for project management.