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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

From a Proven Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturer

ICOMold’s international team of custom plastic manufacturing experts, with decades of combined plastic injection molding design, build and prototyping experience will help make the process of custom plastic manufacturing smooth and easy for you. Knowledge, combined with experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence, bring unparalleled results for our customers.

Custom Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities

Our practice of easy, effective communication leads to custom plastic manufacturing design, tooling, and manufacturing that consistently meet – even exceed – your standards.

Whether you need hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of custom plastic parts manufactured, we’ll design and build the most cost-effective molds using the most advanced technologies and methods. As your trusted custom plastic parts manufacturer, we’ll get you your parts on-time and within budget. As we run your parts, you won’t have to buy new molds every time you turn around – that’s because we use high quality steel and offer our Lifetime Mold Guarantee.

Custom Plastic Molding – A complex process, made easy

Most likely, the reason you’re looking into the possibility of contracting with a custom plastic parts manufacturer is that taking a plastic part from concept to final product is a complex process. Designing a mold for a custom plastic part requires knowledge, experience, and a very precise kind of expertise. You’ve probably heard horror stories of failed parts, quality and safety issues, and cost overrides in custom plastic molding & manufacturing. These are potential problems in our industry, but ones we’ve taken great measures to prevent.

With the level of our custom plastic manufacturing expertise and a proven track record, backed by our Lifetime Mold Guarantee, your project is in good hands. We can produce high-volume parts in high-speed machines that will cost-effectively and consistently output quality custom plastic products.

Plastic material selection is a crucial decision. We’ve got years of experience and we’ll help you choose the right material for your project. Custom plastic manufacturing materials look and behave differently under differing circumstances, so your material choice affects your part and its performance and characteristics. We can advise you, but the decision is yours.

To help get you started, we’ve developed an easy reference Plastic Material List with a searchable table.

Unique shapes, unheard of custom plastic part designs? No problem.

We love a challenge. We’ve helped some of our customers with projects no other custom plastics manufacturer would touch. We’ve delivered finished product that has amazed and delighted customers who were almost at the end of their options.

Sometimes, to achieve the goal of rising above your competition, a unique shape or otherwise unusual custom plastic manufacturing design is needed. Our bold and creative mold designers will work with you to help design the solution that achieves this – a custom plastic parts manufacturing system that is in line with your product requirements, budget and timeline.

We’re able to produce the most intricate parts – and up to 48 inches long – with an almost-limitless number of slides and inserts. We’ve developed our Plastic Injection Molding Design Guidelines to make it easy for you to see if a plastic part you have in mind can be plastic injection molded.

Our Lifetime Guaranteed molds are designed and machined from high grade steel. The quality of any plastic injection molded part relies on the precision of the tool. There are cases when a custom plastic part must fit exactly with other parts, to make a complete product. It becomes vital for each plastic part to be molded from precision tools made to exact custom plastic manufacturing specifications and run on the appropriate plastic injection molding machines. We approach these projects with confidence because we’ve successfully completed so many.

Flexibility. Teamwork. Resourcefulness.

A custom plastic manufacturer should be like an additional member of a cohesive team. While keeping unnecessary expenses out of your custom plastic manufacturing overhead is important. We recognize the value of a cohesive, easy relationship with clear communication at the core. We’ll get to know you, your product, reputation and needs, so we can work alongside, like a member of your team.

The custom plastic parts manufacturer you choose will become a vital part of your product manufacturing process. Components produced by your chosen manufacturing partner will play a major role in enhancing your company’s reputation and product sales. Whether you’re sourcing plastics for containers, plastics for toys, plastics for medical devices, or plastics for electronics and aerospace, your choice in custom plastic manufacturing companies will be a key factor in your success.

We know how to get plastic injection molding projects done correctly, efficiently and cost-effectively, even in highly complex blends of design, tools, volume, resin and machine selection. Most custom plastic manufacturing products can be made in any one of multiple ways. The ICOMold team of experts will help you decide which is the best and most economical way to go.

A uniquely qualified custom plastic parts manufacturer

We are experts who are passionate about finding the best custom plastic manufacturing method for each client, each product, budget, timeline and goal. Our team thrives on challenge and excels in unusually difficult projects. The reasons we can approach each project with confidence are many. Here are just a few.

  • Our People – Our team of engineers, custom plastic manufacturing professionals and support staff have been with us for a long time. They are experienced professionals who understand the importance of what we do for our customers. Experts who know how to dig deep for answers, better methods, and more advanced ways to produce affordable excellence.
  • Our Custom Plastic Manufacturing Methods – With ICOMold, you’ll have a proactive ally. Our commitment is to never stop looking out for our customers’ current needs and future requirements. We utilize a variety of plastic injection molding methods to maximize quality and profitability for our customers. From concept, to design, tool build, machine selection and manufacturing, we’re open-minded, yet realistic when it comes to exploring options for our customers. From several hundred, to several million parts, our flexibility includes the ability to manufacture exactly what you need.
  • Our Customer Service From our accurate 30-second online quote, to our highly functioning customer portal and detailed DFM reports and customer-acclaimed communication, we do everything possible to make it easy for our customers to compare different product materials, quantities and configurations initially, then comply with final design requirements as projects move along.
  • Our Capabilities – We are a U.S.-based company with a low-cost manufacturing facility in China. We’ve maximized the cost savings gained to develop the most advanced custom plastic manufacturing facility possible. Your assigned project manager works in our Holland, Ohio office. We’re easy to talk to and do business with. You’ll work with an English-speaking project manager, so there’s no language barrier.

For specifics on our Molding Capabilities, see our detailed capabilities page. This includes overviews of our ability to provide: tooling and production, overmolding, insert molding, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, silk screening, and functional testing by customer specification.  

Post-production resources for your custom plastic parts manufacturing

Many custom plastic parts manufacturing operations involve customized post-production needs. Decoration, assembly, and packaging are important pieces of delivering final plastic injection molding products.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

We’re committed to offering the best of both worlds as we partner with customers who want the value of lower costs for custom plastic injection molding from China, without the headaches of trying to deal directly with businesses in another country.

Reputable custom plastic manufacturers are experienced communicators who can adapt, innovate, and move quickly, all while keeping projects on budget and on time. Because some plastic injection molding tools can cost tens of thousands of dollars, it pays to choose a contractor with a proven record of guiding customers through the complicated tool building process. With the right custom plastic manufacturing experience, costly mistakes can be avoided, and desired results can be assured.

Injection Molding Production Highlights

>  Instant mold and part quote
>  Low cost, quick build and quality production
>  ICOMold’s Lifetime Warranty on Production Molds
>  Online project management
>  Trouble-free part modifications

>  No size limitations
>  Any commercially available material and surface finish


What is the process for injection molding production?

ICOMold’s instant online plastic injection molding quote and mold frame sharing technology enables us to simplify and shorten both the quoting and tooling manufacturing process for custom plastic injection molding.

  1. Load your 3D CAD file to get an instant mold and part quote
  2. Upon order confirmation, ICOMold starts the mold and part order process
  3. Tooling design review by ICOMold engineers
  4. Upon design approval, ICOMold begins building your injection mold
  5. Customer examines samples for approval
  6. Part production begins

Go to our plastic injection molding and CNC machining case studies page to see how we helped customers on their projects.

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