Using Steel Molds for Plastic Injection Molds

When considering plastic injection mold material, using steel molds has certain advantages depending upon the molding process and types or quantities of parts needed. ICOMold uses steel for its molds for the many advantages that aluminum molds do not have. Of course, there are aluminum advantages too, but ICOMold chooses the steel for our molds for the following reasons:

1.  Steel can handle higher temperatures and pressure than aluminum can without the molds changing shape or warping. Unlike aluminum molds, steel injection molds can produce millions of plastic parts whereas aluminum can only make numbers in the thousands.

2.  Steel molds are harder than aluminum molds so they won’t deflect or become deformed as an aluminum mold can. This can happen easily with an aluminum mold which will cause flash on the plastic parts.

3.  The elements won’t bother a steel mold as they will hold up without rusting, etc., and they can produce a good finish to each piece.

4.  Steel injection molds can be more easily made and maintained than ones made of aluminum. If a modification needs to be made on a steel mold, it’s very easy to do. Steel molds can be easily welded and re-machined.

5.  The use of wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) on steel molds is no problem at all. Using EDM on an aluminum mold is quite simply not possible.

6.  Contrary to popular belief, steel molds can be less expensive than their aluminum counterparts and steel molds cost less to maintain. They can run many more cycles and won’t need to be replaced as often as aluminum molds either.