ICOMold Standard Surface Finishes

More than ever, design determines the market success of a product. The attractiveness of the exterior of the part, the quality appearance of the surface, and the pleasantness of the feel are extremely important factors for having the customer choose your product over another. A creative surface finish can make your product stand out in a crowd.

You can specify the surface finish on your custom plastic injection moldedĀ parts. Many surface finishes are available to choose from. One advantage we have over our competitors is that we provide steel molds, as opposed to aluminum. Many more surface finish options are available with a steel mold compared to aluminum. Steel can be polished to a higher degree of smoothness to create a smoother surface finish on your parts. There are numerous options for surface finishes, such as bead blast, etching, matte finish, leather grains, geometric, graphics, and on and on.

We use the Yick Sang standards for texturization, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Mold-Tech standards in North America. See the table below for our standard surface finishes, and please let us know if you will require a special surface finish – we’ll be happy to work with you on a custom finish.

Yick Sang plastic textures

Surface FinishGuideTypical Applications
Standard No Machine MarkTool Marks RemovedLow Cosmetic
SPI-C1600 StoneLow Polish Parts
SPI-B1600 Grit PaperMedium Polish Parts
SPI-A2Grade #6 DiamondHigh Polish Parts
SPI-A1Grade #3Lens or Mirror
IM-1 Light Bead BlastNeed 1 Degree Draft Angle
IM-2 Medium Bead BlastNeed 1.5 Degree Draft Angle
IM-3 Heavy Bead BlastNeed 3 Degree Draft Angle