SecondarySecondary Processes

A very convenient feature of our online quotation system is that you can add secondary processes like painting and pad printing right in the initial Request For Quote (RFQ) input screen.
When you request a quote for a custom plastic injection molding project, you have additional options for your plastic parts right in the initial request for quote (RFQ) screen. In the previous version of our online quote system, these secondary process options had to be added after the initial RFQ was submitted.
You could always select the “primary” options like material, color and surface finish, but now you can now also choose secondary processes like painting, powder coating and chrome plating, right from a dropdown menu in the RFQ form.
A very useful feature of the instant online quote system is that you can see how choosing a secondary process will affect your piece price, instantly, as soon as you select it.
Visit our quoting page to submit a request for quote for a custom plastic injection molding project with secondary processes.

Choose secondary processes right when you submit a request for quote!