Hot Plate Welding

ICOMold’s Hot Plate Welding



ICOMold provides fast, low-cost
plastic injection molding
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This video illustrates how ICOMold’s hot plate welder operates. When custom plastic injection molded parts are made, sometimes there are plastic parts that need to be fused together after molding, in order to hold fluids, for example. The two parts are loaded into a hot plate welder as shown in the video. The two halves are heated to a desired temperature at a specific place, then the two halves are pressed together. The melted ends being pressed together then fuse, and the two parts become one. Custom plastic parts can have many value-added services in order to meet the customer’s needs, and hot plate welding is just one additional manufacturing process that we offer at ICOMold. To learn more, visit the Value Added Services page.
Typical Hot Plate Welder Use:
•  automobile lighting


•  fuel tanks


•  washer bottles


•  various other assemblies