Family Molds

Family Injection Molds

“Family” plastic injection molds produce a set of parts similar in size that are molded at the same time, in the same quantities, from the same material and color. Family injection molds can produce plastic injection molded parts in sets at the same time. The parts molded from a family mold are often used together, such as the two halves of a product.
One advantage of having us make a family mold for you is that the tooling cost of one mold is lower than having multiple, single-cavity molds. Also, the piece price of the parts will be lower due to economies of scale – one setup versus multiple setups, no color change, etc.

Required Criteria for Family Injection Molds

>  Parts must be of the same material
>  Parts must be the same color
>  Parts must be the same quantity
>  Parts must be roughly equal in size/volume
to one another within reason

Family Injection Mold Highlights

>  Fast mold quote
>  Low cost, quick build and good quality 
>  Mold from sharing technology
>  ICOMold’s Lifetime Warranty on Production Molds (family production molds only)
>  Online project management
>  Build to your specifications
>  No size limitations with the exception that all family molded parts should be roughly the same size/volume within reason
>  Any commercially available material and surface finish

Process for Family Injection Mold

ICOMold’s online quoting system enables us to simplify and shorten both the quoting and tooling manufacturing process for plastic injection molding. 
  1. Load your 3D CAD file to get your fast mold and part quote
  2. Upon order confirmation, ICOMold starts the mold and part order process
  3. Tooling design review by ICOMold engineers
  4. Upon design approval, ICOMold begins building your injection mold
  5. Customer examines samples for approval
  6. Part production begins
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Family Molds
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