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By Jeremy Losek, Jan 13th, 2021

Value Added Services

ICOMold manufactures plastic injection molds and makes plastic parts, but we also offer additional, value added services to help you get your parts finished, assembled, and even packaged, so you can receive your product in a form that’s ready to go to market.

  • Ultrasonic Welding:  ICOMold’s ultrasonic welding process uses high frequency mechanical sound waves (ultrasonics) to create molecular heat between thermoplastic materials so the plastic will melt and form a molecular bond between the parts to join two parts together.
  • Hot Plate Welding: Our hot plate welder uses a heated platen to melt the joining surfaces of the two halves of a thermoplastic part. Hot plate welding allows precise control of the melt temperature, excellent weld strength, and the ability to weld larger, complex parts together. See our hot plate welding video.
  • Heat Pressing: Metal inserts can be placed into plastic parts post-molding by using heat and pressing the inserts into the parts.
  • Heat Staking: This process joins two parts by inserting the boss of one part into a hole in the other part and deforming the stud with heat to mechanically lock the parts together.
  • Post-Molding Machining: Additional CNC machining operations done after the plastic injection molding process is completed.
  • Pad Printing & Silk Screening: Our capabilities include printing custom-colored graphics on parts for purposes like branding, labeling and part number identification.
  • Packaging:  Once we have produced your parts, we can assemble and package them into clamshell/blister packs, boxes, insert header cards, etc. Your product can be packaged and ready to sell once it reaches you.
  • Assembly:  ICOMold can take the parts we make for you, as well as additional supplied parts, and assemble them for you. 

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