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Injection Molding Cost Calculator,
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Low-Cost Injection Molding Leader

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Injection molding Services

  • Production Molds
  • Export Molds
  • Family Molds
  • Insert Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Compression Molding
  • Rapid Molds
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • Prototype Molds


  • Plastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Resin
  • Nylon
  • Glass-filled Nylon
  • ABS
  • Thermoplastics Rubber
  • Polystyrene
  • Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
  • High-Impact Polystyrene
  • Acetal/Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Many Others

Other ICOMold Services

  • CNC Machining
  • Urethane Casting

Other Fathom Manufacturing Platform Services

  • 3D Printing
  • Metal Cutting & Forming

Customers Validate Our Process

“We cannot say enough good things about ICOMold.”

-M. Nasilevich, Morpho Detection

“I received the parts today from ICOMold. They look and function great!”

-Don Snoke, VP of Operations, Hydro-Photon, Inc

“ICOMold’s quoting process was the only one to offer true instant quoting.”

– All3DP in their comparison study of injection molding companies

Injection Molding Services
Capabilities, Resources, Quotes & More

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Fast-turn, high quality injection molding molds.

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CNC Machining

Plastic and metal CNC machining for prototypes and low-volume parts.

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Urethane Casting

Plastic and rubber-like materials providing the lowest cost for low volumes.

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Additive Manufacturing

Get instant online 3D printing quotes through the Fathom manufacturing platform.

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Compression Molding

Looking for compression molding services? Learn how ICOMold can help with your compression molding needs.

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Injection Mold Making

ICOMold is here to help you with your injection molding needs. Discover what molding services are available.

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Plastic Samples

Get a plastics sample kit to compare 20 hexagons of colors and textures for only $95.

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Instant Injection Molding Quote

The world’s only 30 second plastic injection quoting tool.

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Learning Center

ICOMold Learning Center Plastic Part Design Guidelines Fundamentals of Plastic Injection Molding Molding Glossary Knowledge...

Contact Us

ICOMold – Contact Information We are a worldwide provider of plastic injection molding and CNC...

Rapid Molds

What is Rapid Injection Molding? Rapid molding or quick molds are a great manufacturing solution...

Frequently Asked Questions
Answering Questions from Plastic Injection Molding to Metal CNC

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is the process of producing various parts by injecting heated material into a mold. Injection molding can be done with many different materials such as metals, glasses, elastomers, confections, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. ICOMold specializes in custom plastic injection molding, CNC machining of plastic and metal, and urethane casting. Get a CNC quote or a plastic injection molding quote today!

Why ICOMold is the injection molding company for you?

If you’re looking for an injection molding company who can support your business needs, you should turn to ICOMold. ICOMold offers low prices on plastic injection molds and plastic parts. You can also get an instant injection mold quote and CNC manufacturing parts quotes through our online quoting and project management system. We offer fast and dependable injection mold services and trouble-free injection mold modifications. Our services include low and high-volume production molds and parts— rapid prototype injection molds, production molds, and export molds. Get a plastic injection molding quote today.

What injection molding services does ICOMold offer?

What is the best way to manufacture plastic parts?

Plastic part manufacturing involves many different processes and details, such as:

How-to evaluate and find the best injection molding company?

Finding the right company for your injection molding project does require careful research and consideration. Read about ICOMold, one of the leading plastic injection molding companies, and their process for delivering high-quality parts, fast at low prices.

What is plastic mold manufacturing?

Plastic mold manufacturing is the process of creating molds to mass product plastic parts. Learn more about plastic mold manufacturing.

Choosing plastic molders near me?

If you are looking for a plastic molder near you, no sweat. ICOMold can service customers just about anywhere. Learn more about ICOMold.

What differentiates a plastic mold maker?

It’s true that there are several plastic mold makers to choose from. Learn why ICOMold is the right plastic mold maker for you and your project.

Manufacturing Locations Across National Time Zones
The Fathom Advanced Manufacturing Platform

1050 Walnut Ridge Drive
Hartland, WI 53029
ISO 9001:2015


444 W. 21st St. Ste. 101
Tempe, AZ 85282
ISO 9001:2015
NIST800-171 Compliant


7770 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80229
ISO 9001:2015


13758 Johnson Street NE
Ham Lake, MN 55304


1801 Rowe Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
ISO 9001:2015

1513 Sam Bass Rd
Round Rock, TX 78681
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016


620 3rd Street
Oakland, CA 94607
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified
NIST 800-171 Compliant


14000 N.W. 58th Court
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified
ISO 13485:2016



1920 Slaterville Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

401 W. Shore Blvd.
Newark, NY 14513
ISO 9001:2015


1207 Adams Drive
McHenry, IL 60051
ISO 9001:2015

1401 Brummel Ave
Elk Grove, IL 60007
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified