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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

ICOMold by Fathom

You may have noticed subtle changes to ICOMold’s brand lately. We’re still the same company, only much better! In December of 2019, ICOMold, MCT and Fathom combined to create the largest privately held digital manufacturing company in the nation (Link). We know you will have some questions about this recent development and want to assure you- you’re in the right place!

Check out some of the commonly asked questions. And if you have your own question that’s not listed below, please email sales@icomold.com

Did the name of the company change? 

The combined company is now simply called  ICOMold by Fathom. Fathom is now the largest private digital manufacturing company in the United States. 

Where are the locations of the combined company? 

The combined company is headquartered in Hartland, WI. 

Office/manufacturing facility locations are:  

  • Hartland, WI
  • Holland, OH
  • Oakland, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Shenzhen, China

In addition to serving local customers at these locations, we also ship internationally to customers worldwide. 

Is the branding, or “look” of the company changing? 

You will begin seeing our new logo and branding on correspondence, our website and other digital channels, packaging, and at our facilities. 

What manufacturing processes will be available from the new combined company? 

Our combined manufacturing capabilities now allow Fathom to offer the following processes to all customers  

  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
    • PolyJet (PJ)
    • Stereolithography (SLA)
    • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
    • Metal-Based
  • CNC Machining (metal and plastic)
  • Plastic Injection Molding & Mold Making
  • Urethane Casting

Hartland // Headquarters

Holland // ICOMold Corporate Office Branch

Shenzhen, China // ICOMold Manufacturing

What other services are now available from Fathom that weren’t available from the legacy companies? 

We now have the following services available that were not previously available to all customers of the individual companies 

  • Product Development Assistance
  • CAD Design/Engineering Services
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Managed Services // Machines and/or operators provided to your facility
  • On-site Training Programs // Various manufacturing processes

What has changed regarding the new company’s ability to help me get my parts from concept to production? 

Fathom now has end-to-end solutions for everything from product concept/design, to iterative prototyping and low-volume production, to mass production.  

Our team of experts helps customers through the design process, takes a consultative approach to material selection, and makes recommendations on the best manufacturing process to satisfy the requirements of the parts. 

Will there be any negative impact on customers as a result of the combined company? 

There shouldn’t be any negative impact on any of our customers, only positive change.  

If there are any specific changes that affect certain customers, such as accounting/payment terms, approved vendor list revisions due to the company name change, or sales rep reassignment, those changes will be communicated to affected customers directly from the departments responsible for them. 

As an ICOMold customer, how can I take advantage of the 3DP/Additive Manufacturing offerings? 

Our ICOMold sales engineers will be more than happy to introduce you to their 3DP counterpart to guide you through any questions relating to your proto-typing needs/fast-turn bridge to production needs!

If you don’t have a sales engineer assigned to you at the moment, please email sales@icomold.com 

ICOMold is a world-class manufacturer of custom plastic injection molding and CNC machining. We provide low-cost, high-quality custom injection molding and plastic parts for customers worldwide, in many industries. Headquartered in Holland, Ohio (near Toledo), ICOMold has been producing low-cost plastic injection molds and parts as well as CNC machining / rapid prototyping since 2003. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen, China.

Our U.S. office provides engineering support and customer service to our clients all over the world. Our experienced staff members develop quotes, process orders, resolve technical issues and provide support and operational oversight of our staff in China. All projects are prepared, launched and tracked daily by our office in the U.S.A.

Our Shenzhen, China, facilities are staffed with highly-educated, skilled technical personnel, including project managers, mold designers, quality technicians, toolmakers and machine operators. Our tool & die making equipment includes a variety of CNC milling machines, and wire & probe EDM machines capable of producing molds of nearly any size and complexity, and inject using up to 1,500-ton machines.

In late 2014, we released our revolutionary Instant Quote and Project Management System, which has been a game-changer in the plastic injection molding industry for getting customers their parts even faster. Getting your quote for injection molds, plastic molded parts and CNC machined plastic parts is faster and easier than ever before. We are pleased to provide you with an Instant Quote and fast turnaround for your next custom plastic injection molding or CNC machining project.

Plastic Injection Molding Company of Choice

We provide custom plastic injection molding for customers worldwide, in a variety of industries. We are the low-cost leader for high-quality injection molded plastics with a fast turnaround. ICOMold has been in the plastic injection molding business since 2003. Our customers range from first-time inventors all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our Company Continues to Grow

We are pleased to announce (as of December of 2019) the addition of additive manufacturing (3D printing) of plastic and metal to our manufacturing capabilities.

The new service offerings are the result of the acquisition of ICOMold by Midwest Composite Technologies (MCT), a portfolio company of CORE Industrial Partners. The acquisition will broaden the service offerings for both companies and create a market-leading advanced manufacturing company for prototype and production parts. Otherwise, nothing will change for current ICOMold customers. An additional benefit is that we will be offering the new option to have parts “made in the USA” for our customers who prefer or require that.

Together with MCT’s September acquisition of FATHOM, an on-demand digital additive manufacturer that provides 3D printing and traditional manufacturing services, the combined companies now represent one of the largest privately-held digital manufacturing companies in North America.

For more information, see the official news release.

ICOMold is a Leader in Plastic
Injection Molding for US Companies

Manufacturing Locations Across National Time Zones
The Fathom Advanced Manufacturing Platform

1050 Walnut Ridge Drive
Hartland, WI 53029
ISO 9001:2015


444 W. 21st St. Ste. 101
Tempe, AZ 85282
ISO 9001:2015
NIST800-171 Compliant


7770 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80229
ISO 9001:2015


13758 Johnson Street NE
Ham Lake, MN 55304


1801 Rowe Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
ISO 9001:2015

1513 Sam Bass Rd
Round Rock, TX 78681
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016


620 3rd Street
Oakland, CA 94607
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified
NIST 800-171 Compliant


14000 N.W. 58th Court
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified
ISO 13485:2016



1920 Slaterville Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850

401 W. Shore Blvd.
Newark, NY 14513
ISO 9001:2015


1207 Adams Drive
McHenry, IL 60051
ISO 9001:2015

1401 Brummel Ave
Elk Grove, IL 60007
ISO 9001:2015 Design Certified