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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

Plastic Injection Molding FAQs

Did the name of the company change?

The combined company is now simply called  ICOMold by Fathom. Fathom is now the largest private digital manufacturing company in the United States.

Where are the locations of the combined company?

The combined company is headquartered in Hartland, WI.

Office/manufacturing facility locations are:

  • Hartland, WI
  • Holland, OH
  • Oakland, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Shenzhen, China

In addition to serving local customers at these locations, we also ship internationally to customers worldwide.

Is the branding, or “look” of the company changing?

You will begin seeing our new logo and branding on correspondence, our website and other digital channels, packaging, and at our facilities.

What manufacturing processes will be available from the new combined company? 

Our combined manufacturing capabilities now allow Fathom to offer the following processes to all customers  

  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
    • PolyJet (PJ)
    • Stereolithography (SLA)
    • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
    • Metal-Based
  • CNC Machining (metal and plastic)
  • Plastic Injection Molding & Mold Making
  • Urethane Casting

What other services are now available from Fathom that weren’t available from the legacy companies? 

We now have the following services available that were not previously available to all customers of the individual companies 

  • Product Development Assistance
  • CAD Design/Engineering Services
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Managed Services // Machines and/or operators provided to your facility
  • On-site Training Programs // Various manufacturing processes

What has changed regarding the new company’s ability to help me get my parts from concept to production? 

Fathom now has end-to-end solutions for everything from product concept/design, to iterative prototyping and low-volume production, to mass production.  

Our team of experts helps customers through the design process, takes a consultative approach to material selection, and makes recommendations on the best manufacturing process to satisfy the requirements of the parts. 

Will there be any negative impact on customers as a result of the combined company? 

There shouldn’t be any negative impact on any of our customers,  only positive change.  

If there are any specific changes that affect certain customers, such as accounting/payment terms, approved vendor list revisions due to the company name change, or sales rep reassignment, those changes will be communicated to affected customers directly from the departments responsible for them. 

As an ICOMold customer, how can I take advantage of the 3DP/Additive Manufacturing offerings? 

Our ICOMold sales engineers will be more than happy to introduce you to their 3DP counterpart to guide you through any questions relating to your proto-typing needs/fast-turn bridge to production needs! 
If you don’t have a sales engineer assigned to you at the moment, please email sales@icomold.com 

How much does ICOMold’s custom plastic injection molding cost?

At ICOMold, we employee high level strategies and tactics to reduce the cost of our plastic injection molds and part piece price. Generally speaking, our price is about 40% to 60% less than that of our competitors. Check out our instant quotation system to see how much you can save with us on your next injection molding project.

Are there any limitations to ICOMold’s plastic injection molding processes?

Generally speaking, no. We are able to produce complex parts up to 40” long, and the number of slides and inserts is only limited by the space available. Sharp inside corners, intricate features and undercuts are no problem for ICOMold. However, to ensure that a particular part is capable of being plastic injection molded, please refer to our Plastic Injection Molding Design Guidelines.

How soon will I get my pricing after I submit my request for quote?

We have an interactive quotation system that will give you your quote for plastic injection molding and plastic parts instantly. This instant quote is based on many factors in the design of your part, and driven by a huge proprietary database. As such, it is very accurate. Once you get your instant quote, you can submit your quote to be confirmed. Your quote is then reviewed by an injection mold engineer to check for any moldability issues with your part design. Within one business day, we will provide you with a confirmed quote, and we will notify you if there are any moldability issues. The confirmed quote is valid for 45 days, and will be stored on our website for 180 days. Your quote will include comments if any aspect of the model is not suitable for injection molding. For further clarification please see our guide, “How to go from a CAD file to a finished product in 6 easy steps.”

Can I modify the injection mold after the first run?

We can modify your steel injection mold by additional machining, fill-in welding, welding in additional material, or inserting a replacement feature, for a reasonable cost. If the changes are too great, however, producing a new mold may be more cost-effective than reworking the existing one.

What type of CAD files do you accept?

With our newly- updated system, we are able to accept .stp, .step, .sldprt, .x_t, .x_b, .ipt, .catpart, .prt and .sat CAD files. If you need assistance with getting your design into an acceptable file format, we can help you out with that as well. If you would like to send us your file via email attachment, please send it to sales@icomold.com. If you don’t have a CAD file, we have partnered with design firms who are skilled in creating 3D CAD files that are specifically designed for plastic injection. Learn more about our 3D CAD design service.

Where are my plastic injection molding parts produced?

Production takes place in our manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. However, we are a U.S.-based company and our global headquarters is in Holland, Ohio.  Therefore, you get the quality guarantee and ease of working with a U.S.-based company while receiving all the cost savings of going overseas. Check out our best of both worlds strategy.

Will ICOMold run my production parts for me after making my plastic injection mold?

Yes. Not only do we manufacture injection molds for our customers, we also provide production services for any quantity of parts, from prototypes to full production. We have many customers who have us do multiple production runs of their parts for them, throughout the year. We only charge a $150 setup fee for a production run, compared to our competitors who will typically charge $500-$800. And, if you order parts with the production of a new plastic injection mold, we will waive the setup fee.

What are ICOMold’s terms and conditions?

We require a 50% down payment with your purchase order. The remaining 50% is to be paid upon sample approval. Production runs require a $150 setup fee, with prepayment for the parts. The setup fee will be waived if the parts are ordered on the tooling purchase order. For our complete terms and conditions, please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Where is the tooling for my plastic injection mold done?

Tooling is done in our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. We only use the highest quality materials for our plastic injection molds. We stand behind our quality with our lifetime mold guarantee. As long as you continue to run parts in our facility, we will make any necessary repairs or refurbishments, at our cost, for the life of your mold.

Can ICOMold help me choose the best material for my plastic parts?

The plastic material used is ultimately the customer’s decision. We will be happy to discuss material generalities, and we have a materials list to help you narrow down your options. The list is searchable by material characteristics such as “high impact” and “UV resistant” to help you choose a suitable material for your part application. Our expertise is in the processing of a wide range of thermoplastics, and building the tooling for injection molding, so you may want to work with resin manufacturers or polymer consultants to get specifics about the performance of various resin types and grades.

Can you send me a sample of a particular material?

Unfortunately, we do not stock plastic material that can be sent out. Since we are strictly a custom injection mold manufacturer and we protect our customers’ intellectual property, we cannot send out sample parts.

Where does ICOMold produce their CNC parts?

Our CNC production is done in our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. We offer the “best of both worlds”  – you get the convenience and ease of working with a U.S.-based company, while getting the cost benefits of overseas production. Check out our best of both worlds policy.

I’ve heard stories of patented products getting “knocked off” in China and sold back into the same market as the original. What will ICOMold do to protect my idea and not let it get copied?

ICOMold has very strict policies and procedures in place to protect our customers’ proprietary information. We treat all physical and digital information with the utmost confidentiality. While we do have have a manufacturing plant in China, we are a U.S.-based company and comply with U.S. intellectual property laws. All our plant staff in China are legally bound by an annual blanket Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and you are also welcome to provide us with your own company NDA. To review our confidentiality policy, see the Confidentiality/Privacy section of our Terms & Conditions.

Go to our plastic injection molding and CNC machining case studies page to see how we helped customers on their projects.

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