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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

Case Studies in Plastic Injection Molding & CNC Machining

Welcome to the plastic injection molding Case Studies page. Plastic injection molding and CNC machining plastic isn’t just making a design in CAD then sending it off to an injection molding mold shop. Plastic injection molding takes analytical thinking to a whole new level, and ICOMold is here to make sure our customers get their injection mold tooling and CNC milling projects completed quickly and accurately.

We’ve had the pleasure to get to know and work closely with all types of entrepreneurs and inventors. It’s amazing how many creative thinkers and problem solvers there are who come up with an idea for something no one else has thought of before. Or, they put their own unique twist on “a better mousetrap.”

Who knows, perhaps your plastic injection molding project may be one of our next cases. Click on the images below to read some ICOMold case studies.

SlingBaron Case Study

Double the life of your harmonicas with the world’s first such device to extend the life of your harmonicas

Leprecon Case Study

ICOMold injection molded the plastic caps to Leprecon’s specifications, and they had a better fit than the previous caps.

BerryGood Bottle

Other molders took too long to quote, so Nunchuck Grips LLC came to ICOMold

BerryGood Bottle

Infuse Your Water With Fruit Nutrients With the BerryGood Bottle

Quik-Load Case Study

ICOMold Helps Quik Products Bring Quik-Load to Market

Case Study Smart Reacher PIC2

ICOMold Helps Entrepreneur Make a Long Reach Easy and Less Costly


ICOMold plays integral role in getting the Ice Block Cooler from the drawing board to the marketplace

X-tractor Tool

Helping a Hunting Enthusiast Solve a Problem: The X-tractor Tool

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