Case Study: X-tractor Tool

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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

Case Study
Helping a Hunting Enthusiast Solve a Problem:
The X-tractor Tool

Every once in a while, an inventor comes up with a new product that truly IS a better mouse trap. In other cases, someone invents a new product that helps solve a problem. They are typically experienced in a particular activity, run into a certain issue time after time, and one day it just clicks – they come up with a new tool to solve an old problem.

Joe Collins with his X-tractor field dressing toolThe X-tractor field dressing tool is one such invention. Joe Collins is the owner of Mountain Man Taxidermy in Charleston, WV. He is also an avid hunter. After years of deer hunting, Joe came up with an idea for “a less mess field dress tool.” Joe worked on his invention, and after developing many prototypes, came up with a final design for the X-tractor Tool in 2014.

He brought his design to ICOMold, a contract manufacturer for custom plastic injection molding. Working with ICOMold to manufacture the X-tractor out of ABS plastic, Joe was happy with the performance of the tool.

X-tractor Tool 2The X-tractor Tool makes field dressing quicker, easier and cleaner. Simply put, it keeps the meat cleaner during the field dressing process. And as for making the field dressing process quicker, Joe set a record time of 1 minute 27 seconds using the X-tractor Tool! You can view the video of this and other instructional videos on YouTube.

Joe markets the injection molded plastic X-tractor Tool through various channels including his website and trade shows. In fact, Joe has a patent pending for the X-tractor Tool.

To learn more, or to purchase the X-tractor Tool, contact Joe Collins:

Phone: (304) 395-2757

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