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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

Customer Testimonials

At ICOMold, we always strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. On every single plastic injection molding or CNC machining project, our project managers work hard to get every detail right and communicate through the entire process from quotation to production parts.

We appreciate it when our customers are pleased with the service we provided on their project. Here are some of the customer testimonials we’ve received, and we hope to one day receive this kind of compliment from you!

Kris Gebow

“The parts are great! We had the product at the CES show, and it was very well received. Thanks very much to all of you. It’s been a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to our next job!” – 1/14/2020

Jake Ward, Inventor

“Thank you for all the help during the mold creation process. You helped me immensely with your explanation of certain plastics and things I was unfamiliar with. This gave me immense confidence during the project and has been a great teaching experience for me. I will keep your company in mind and you will be the first people I contact should a need ever arise again.” – 10/30/2019

Sarah Yoder, WaterStep

“We appreciate the effort you put into making our order smooth. The molded parts are used in our device that makes water safe to drink in areas of the world that do not have access to safe water. Thanks again for everything!” – 10/1/2019

Akash Shankar, PMC Smart Solutions

“The parts came in a few days ago and I wanted to thank you and your team on the very impressive quality of the parts. We were thoroughly impressed by the finish and clearness of the parts. Thank you for the great customer service and we are looking forward to using your expertise in future projects.” – 04/26/2019

All3DP in their comparison study of injection molding companies

“ICOMold’s quoting process was the only one to offer true instant quoting and was flexible in changing parameters. The best site for getting an immediate cost for injection molding.” Read the comparison study – 01/11/2019

Larry Cole, TerraCube

“The workmanship was outstanding – we are over-the-top happy with the unit! The product that arrived at my door far exceeded our expectations, and all on short notice…amazing. Please pass our very best wishes on to everyone on your team who was involved in fast-tracking our prototype. It all started with you and your can-do attitude, Nate. I cannot thank you enough!” – 02/05/2018

M. Nasilevich, Morpho Detection

“The part works as intended and your service is outstanding.” – 07/25/2017

Mike Yin, Founder of Nunchuck Grips LLC

“I found it refreshing to work with a company with such a phenomenal online quoting tool. It allowed us to experiment with different materials, quantities, and mold configurations to see the cost impact in real time.” – 09/23/2016

Aziz Razakov, Berry Good Bottle

“After reaching out to over 20 manufacturers, ICOMold was the only one that was able to take on my project, create the molds and manufacture the parts I needed. What impressed me the most is that they were able to work overtime to meet my demanding deadline and get the parts to me on time.” – 07/22/2016

Kevin Jensen, Quik-Load

“I was very impressed with your company’s ability and willingness to work with a novice in plastics as I am, and work through some design changes. I have learned a lot from you and hope this is a huge success for both of us. Frankly, I did contact two other companies and they acted like they had no time for me!” – 03/30/2016

B. Toms

“I really enjoy working with you on these projects. I have done quite a few injection parts and never has the tooling approval process been this organized and well-documented. Thank you for a great experience.”  – 03/09/2016

John R., Dyersburg, TN

“Hey Brian, first off , I would like to say that your company has been somewhat of a godsend for our business. I honestly don’t know how these two projects would have turned out had we not found you guys. The quoting process and the back and forth with Anna with the design was as easy and painless as it could be when you figure in the time difference between designer and customer. Top notch. We already have plans for 2 more projects involving 3 more molds that , hopefully, will be done this year before the Las Vegas show in January.” – 10/05/2015

Don Snoke, VP of Operations, Hydro-Photon, Inc.

“Our SteriPen product must meet the quality standards of a medical device — if it ever malfunctions, people will get sick. Yet it must be economical enough to permit many people to own one. And we need the design flexibility to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. Our production at ICO meets all three challenges.” – 06/29/2015

Mark Ezzo, Materials & Chemistry Network of Excellence Plastics and Composites Engineer

“I just want to compliment you and your team how you are managing this project with all of the changes on the fly. Kudos.” – 09/04/2014

Gregg Garrett, VEGA

“I just wanted to let you know, we have all been very impressed with the quality and turnaround time of our parts. We have used several shops in the past, but so far the quality of ICOMold has been the best we have ever received.” – 10/7/2019

Cory Starr, Blaster One

“I have to say that so far I’ve enjoyed this process – having the customer portal (and your well-detailed DFM reports) makes it very easy to comply with the design requirements.” – 05/28/2019

Connie Blevins, Quality Coordinator – Leprecon

“We are very pleased with ICO Mold. Response time is fantastic, customer support is great, and the online group project management tool is very helpful.”- 01/22/2019

Scott Bixler, Polyvance

“Cathy and Nate, it has been a genuine pleasure dealing with you both. You have been very patient and have been a wealth of helpful information. Your response times to my questions and comments are superb and your answers are specific and to the point. Thanks for your patience and all the time it has taken to get the details worked out. You are an asset to your company and I look forward to working with you in the future!” – 10/03/2018

Drew Macrae, Linkitz

“Fit and finish is great and the parts passed all our regulatory tests. Thank you for all your help and for the role you played helping the factory work through some of the stickier parts of the design.” – 10/02/2017

Scott, SLight LLC

“As a small, growing company, we cannot say enough good things about ICOMold. They have been willing and able to adapt to our rapidly changing needs and have helped us get out of a pinch on occasion. Special thanks to Brian and Carla – they have been great to work with!” – 09/29/2016

Dave Boretti, Schneider Electric

“This is a huge milestone for our team. This product is no longer a vision… I received the parts today from ICOMold. They look and function great! I don’t see any reason why we cannot move forward now and order parts for the upcoming proto build.” – 04/14/2016

Harwood Laskin, Laskin and Associates, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

“It is exactly what we were expecting. Well done to the team!” – 03/17/2016

ML, Wheeling, IL

“I was very impressed with the construction of the mold, and workmanship seems better than what I have been getting domestically…” – 10/27/2015

Level, LLC

“I want to thank you and the rest of the team for the great support. Over the 15 years that I have been working with mold vendors I have never seen such personal attention and such great communication efforts in addressing my concerns on samples. The fact that ICO went the extra step to provide me with a second set of samples at no cost and in two days to improve my texture concerns goes a long way. I know that I have made the right choice going with ICO.  I’m looking forward to a long relationship with you and the rest of the ICO team.” – 08/03/2015

Mark Merg, Procurement Manager, ALPHA — High Theft Solutions

“We have been very satisfied with ICO’s performance in every aspect: pricing, delivery, quality, and customer support. It is a pleasure doing business with ICO, and honestly, I wish there were more companies like them.” – 04/22/2015

Tim Latham, Project Manager, Litepanels, Inc.

“The team at ICOMold continue to provide us with great service. Starting with initial DFM reviews, fast tooling development and quick turn-around times, ICOMold is a partner keeping us on track to deliver quality products to our customers. Thank-you to all the ICOMold team.” – 01/13/2015

Professor James F. Antaki, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

“The parts arrived today, and I feel like a kid on Christmas!The Red metal flake samples are gorgeous! Please do proceed with that run of 500, at your convenience.

I am very impressed with the extra attention to packaging to avoid bag marks. In fact, I am pleased with everything from A to Z. I realize that we are not a very big client, but you have given us the white glove service. Thank you! If we can gain traction with this product, I hope that you will be rewarded with a large order.

The samples have arrived, and they are Beauti-Ful!

I continue to be impressed with your quality, expertise, speed, and customer service. Thank you.”

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