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Production Injection Molds

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Production Injection Molds

ICOMold provides production-level injection molds. Production injection molds are built with P20 steel or NK80 stainless steel. Once molds are built, ICOMold will integrate them with our Mold Frame Sharing Technology (MFST) which saves time and lowers the plastic injection molding cost. These injection molds will typically last 100k cycles, however, ICOMold offers a lifetime warranty for these production injection molds. As long as we continue to make your parts for you, we will maintain and refurbish the tool as needed at our own cost.
Making design changes on production molds is possible with ICOMold. An ICOMold engineer will coordinate with you on CAD file changes and rework the mold accordingly. You will receive revised samples for your approval prior to production.
ICOMold provides a dedicated project manager and engineer for your injection molding production. Please check out ICOMold’s Online Project Management System.

Injection Molding Production Highlights

>  Instant mold and part quote
>  Low cost, quick build and good quality 
>  Mold frame sharing technology
>  ICOMold’s Lifetime Warranty on Production Molds

>  Online project management
>  Trouble-free part modifications

>  No size limitations
>  Any commercially available material and surface finish

Process for Injection Molding Production

ICOMold’s instant online plastic injection molding quote and mold frame sharing technology enables us to simplify and shorten both the quoting and tooling manufacturing process for plastic injection molding. 
  1. Load your 3D CAD file to get instant mold and part quote
  2. Upon order confirmation, ICOMold starts the mold and part order process
  3. Tooling design review by ICOMold engineers 
  4. Upon design approval, ICOMold begins building your injection mold  
  5. Customer examines samples for approval
  6. Part production begins
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