Prototype Molds

Plastic Injection molding sample part

Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype plastic injection molds molds produce real injection molded parts for functional testing. They can also serve as bridge tooling to fill the manufacturing gap for production tooling.

Prototype molding is built quickly; the part has the shape and functionality a plastic prototype part would need for testing form, fit and function, but may not have fine details like color preference or surface finish. Prototype molds are warrantied for up to 10,000 cycles, whereas our production molds carry a lifetime warranty.

A manufacturing industry trend is to use 3D printed parts for prototypes, test, then skip right to production molds. This method can produce less than optimal results because of the limitations of 3D printing, such as the limited plastic materials available compared to injection molding. Injection molded plastic prototypes, on the other hand, are in many cases absolutely necessary for proper testing of plastic material characteristics. 

A prototype mold can produce the same type of parts as a production mold, but it is only warrantied for 10,000 parts due to its tooling materials. This is why the cost of a prototype mold is less than a production mold. It is less expensive, and it is warrantied for 10,000 parts, versus the lifetime warranty we provide on a production mold.

ICOMold can quickly build prototype molds by using S50C or P20 soft tool steel.

Design modifications with ICOMold couldn’t be easier. Working with your revised file, we can typically rework our steel molds within hours.   

We assign a dedicated project manager and engineer for your injection molding projects. Please check out ICOMold’s Online Project Management System.

Prototype Mold Highlights

>  Fast mold and part quote
>  Low cost, quick build and good quality 
>  Online project management
>  Trouble-free part modifications  

>  No size limitations
>  Any commercially available material and surface finish

Process for Prototype Injection Molding

ICOMold’s Instant Online Quoting enables us to simplify and shorten the quoting process.

  1. Load your 3D CAD file (stp or step format) to get instant mold and part quote
  2. Upon order confirmation, ICOMold starts the mold and part order process
  3. Tooling design review by ICOMold engineers 
  4. Upon design approval, ICOMold begins building your injection mold  
  5. Customer examines samples for approval
  6. Part production begins

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