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By Jeremy Losek, Sep 14th, 2021

Color Selection

ICOMold offers the list of standard colors for plastic parts shown below. NOTE:  The appearance of these colors may vary depending on the color calibration of your device. Optionally, you may also specify your PMS code for ICOMold to match your color selection.

  • Color match is not guaranteed to be exact. Customers are responsible for verifying that the actual parts meet their color requirements.
  • Some colorants may not be compatible with the plastic base resin selected.
  • Adding a colorant to base resin may alter the resin property on FDA, ISO, USP, UL (flammability) ratings.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring that the colorant/resin combination selected meets their requirements.
Color PMS Color Code Color Name
PMS-None White
PMS-Black Black
PMS-7436 Pale Pink
PMS-172 Orange
PMS-809 Safety Green
PMS-2915 Aquatic Blue
PMS Light Blue Light Blue
PMS-465 Pebble
PMS Cool Gray 6 Ice Gray
PMS-211 Pink
PMS-804 Safety Orange
PMS-367 Lime
PMS-279 Carolina Blue
PMS-5425 Stonewashed Blue
PMS-468 Natural
PMS-5635 Stonewashed Green
PMS-430 Graphite
PMS-213 Wow Pink
PMS-1585 Athletic Orange
PMS-347 Shamrock Green
PMS-660 Palace Blue
PMS-646 Denim Blue
PMS-Warm Gray 3 Sand
PMS-5815 Fatigue Green
PMS-Cool Gray 11 Smoke Gray
PMS-207 Deep Red
PMS-106 Yellow
PMS-340 Kelly Green
PMS-640 Sapphire
PMS-281 Twilight Blue
PMS-7533 Dark Chocolate
PMS-5535 Deep Forest
PMS-208 Cardinal
PMS-1205 Daffodil Yellow
PMS-3282 Jade
PMS-633 Teal
PMS-662 Deep Royal
PMS-505 Maroon
PMS-137 Gold
PMS-2635 lavender
PMS-2685 Purple
PMS-289 Navy
PMS-470 Texas Orange
PMS-7403 Gold Nugget
PMS-7452 Violet
PMS-2623 Winterberry
PMS-7457 Deep Navy

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