9 Reasons to Choose ICOMold for Your Next Plastic Injection Molding or CNC Machined Parts Job

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9 Reasons to Choose ICOMold for Your Next Plastic Injection Molding or CNC Machined Parts Job

There are a few obvious factors to consider when choosing a plastic injection molding company: cost, speed and quality. However, here are a few more that aren’t so obvious:

1. Instant Plastic Injection Molding Quotes

 ICOMold’s proprietary online plastic injection mold quoting system can give you your mold cost and piece price instantly. You don’t have to wait days for your quote – you see it online in real-time after you upload your 3D CAD file. Instant is as fast as a plastic injection mold quote can get. See how you’ll go from a CAD design to a finish product in just 6 easy steps.

2. Low Cost Plastic Injection Molding

The cost of plastic injection mold tooling, molded parts and CNC machined parts from ICOMold is very competitive. Our cost is typically 30–50% lower than others in the industry. Get an instant quote for your molding or CNC project and see how much you’ll save

3. Speed

Parts can be made as quickly as 5–28 days. That’s fast. With our unique project management system, you can easily track the status of your project and see when project milestones are completed.

4. ICOMold’s Plastic Injection Molding MFST (Mold Frame Sharing Technology)

Our low cost and speed can be partially attributed to our in-house, proprietary Mold Frame Sharing Technology. Having a vast library of mold frames allows us to place your custom mold tool into one of our already existing mold frames for the molding process. Our MFST saves the customer time and money.

5. Fewer Design Change Requirements

Some injection molders will frequently ask, or require, their customers to change their part designs. They may give various reasons for this, button the reality is that their manufacturing process cannot handle complex designs, so they require design changes to fit their processes. At ICOMold, we will always attempt to injection mold our customers’ parts to their design model. Of course we will give Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback on every project, and we may point out features that could be improved for structural or cosmetic reasons, but we strive to make parts to the customer’s model, no matter how complex, without requiring design changes.

6. Lifetime Warranty on Production Plastic Injection Molds

As injection molds can wear over time with repeated cycling, repairs may be required from time to time. Some injection molders will shift the cost of mold repairs/refurbishing to the customer, and charge the customer a fee. At ICOMold, we provide a lifetime warranty on our production molds. As long as we are running your parts in our facility, we will perform any needed repairs, at our cost, for the lifetime of your injection mold.

7. High Quality

High quality is of the utmost importance in plastic injection molding projects. At ICOMold, our Quality Assurance system ensures that your plastic parts are made to your model specifications, and are free from manufacturing defects. In fact, we provide the customer with five sample parts, for their approval, before we proceed with production.

8. The Human Touch

More and more injection molding companies are adding automation to their processes. Here at ICOMold, we are certainly no exception – our online quotation system gives you an instant quote, without any human intervention. Gone are the days of using pencil and paper to develop a quote that’s delivered to the customer three weeks later. However, we also have living, breathing people here ready to help you. Sometimes you need to talk through a project, and we’re here, in the United States, available to help.

9. ICOMold Can Handle Complex Plastic Injection Molding Projects

We are very experienced at producing advanced plastic injection molds. We can also offer cost-saving solutions like combining similar-sized parts into one multi-cavity mold called a family mold. This reduces cost as only one mold needs to be created rather than multiple molds, and it makes ordering easier as you only have to place an order from one mold. Family molds also save you time, as your parts can be molded together rather than separately. We can also embed small parts (such as bushings and threaded inserts) into the plastic parts during molding. See how insert molding can be used to eliminate a second manufacturing run. Finally, we can run a part through a second plastic injection process and overmold on top of the first part. The overmolding process can be used to add a grip to a tool or controller, or add design accents to parts, for instance.

Not all plastic molding manufacturers are like ICOMold. Customers want low cost, speed, and a human being to speak with to make sure your injection molding project goes smoothly from beginning to end. It’s what we have been doing since 2003, and it’s what we strive to do for our customers every day.


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