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A Word on Designing For Manufacturability

In plastic injection molding, some part features must be designed a certain way, or problems can occur that result in undesirable appearance or functionality. For instance, bosses can be used in a part to attach it to another part. Design a boss wrong, and you could have thick sections that lead to sink marks. To help you avoid sink and other potential pitfalls in plastic part design, our Plastic Part Design Guidelines resource provides tips on Designing For Manufacturability (DFM). These [...]


Getting From Prototype to Production Parts

You know how your plastic part has to perform, so you’ve designed it with its purpose in mind. Then you had a prototype made – either 3D printed or CNC machined. Now you’ve got your prototype to test for form, fit and function. Maybe it still needs a little tweaking. Maybe it was 3D printed with a material that does not have the performance properties that the actual parts will need to have when they’re injection molded. Or maybe you’re [...]


Overmolding: Combining Two Plastic Materials Into One Part

Overmolding is a plastic injection molding process which is very useful for producing multi-material parts with some unique properties. For instance, this process can be used to add a second part, of a different material, for a handle or grip. Picture a power tool with a grip made out of a softer material than the body of the tool. We overmolded the tire showroom display, pictured, for a customer. The “rubber tread” material was overmolded over the harder, blue piece that [...]


Instant Online Quotes for Plastic Injection Molding

Getting a quote for your plastic injection molding project is a whole lot quicker and easier with our interactive, online quotation system. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for your plastic injection molding quote. With our revolutionary online quotation system, you will instantly know your mold cost, piece price, and shipping option costs. And, it’s interactive. If you change an option like part quantity or material, you will instantly see how the change affects your quote. Simply register in our system, [...]


Plastic Injection Molding

Your Experienced Plastic Injection Molding Company For well over a decade, ICOMold in Holland, Ohio (near Toledo) has been a leading plastic injection molding company thanks to our one-stop facility. We’ve mastered putting together a complete plastic injection molding strategy. We exceed expectations to bring you program management and high-quality end-products. And our straightforward plastic manufacturing – which services countless industries – saves you money, lowers time-to-market and increases product quality. Our Process With a large part capacity and full operation, ICOMold [...]


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