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Surface Finish Options for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

The look and feel of a plastic part can be a factor in its commercial success, so the texture of the surface finish is important. When you have a custom plastic injection molding project with us, we work with you to make sure that the surface finish is exactly how you want it. One advantage we have over our competitors is that we use steel molds instead of aluminum, so more surface finish options are available because steel can be polished [...]


Use ‘Buy Now’ Button for Faster CNC Machined Parts

Our interactive online quotation system provides INSTANT quotes for plastic injection molding and CNC machined plastic and metal parts. There is an additional feature within the CNC machined plastic and CNC machined metal quote system – as soon as you get your instant quote, you can click the _Buy Now_ button and pay instantly, which expedites the ordering process so you can get your parts faster. Since we accept PayPal, you can pay instantly with a credit card, eliminating the [...]


ICOtec Celebrates Expanded Distribution

Chuck Ames, General Manager of ICOtec Chuck Ames, General Manager of our sister company, ICOtec, hosted an office party on Friday to celebrate the expanded distribution of their electronic predator calls into Walmart, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. We congratulate Chuck and wish him continued success in the international market expansion of the ICOtec product line!


Metal CNC Machining Services Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that we are now providing metal CNC machining services. We’ve always done plastic CNC machining, and now we’re doing metal CNC machining as well. CNC machining is a good manufacturing process for small volumes of metal parts, such as prototypes and low volumes. Once your metal part is machined, we can also perform secondary processes like anodizing, plating and powder coating. You can also request tolerances tighter than our standard +/- 0.002″, or other custom processes. Whether your [...]


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