Monthly Archives - February 2017

Your Custom Plastic Injection Molding Tool, Shipped Anywhere You Want

Our main business is making custom plastic injection molding tools, then running plastic parts off of them for our customers. Sometimes, though, there are special circumstances in which our customer wants the mold shipped to them (if they are also an injection molder), or to another facility to have their parts made. Not a problem. We call them “export molds.” We’ll make the mold to your specifications, including the steel, hot runner system, processes, surface polish or texture, and anything else [...]


Molding Threaded Inserts Into Plastic Parts

If you need threaded inserts molded into your plastic parts, we have the capability to do various types of insert molding. And, we do it fast! Since it’s done in the primary molding process, it doesn’t add any time to our standard lead time. Inserts are typically used to join custom parts together, and can be metal, ceramic or plastic material. They just need to be able to withstand the high temperature and pressure of the injection molding process. Insert molding [...]


Video: Instant Online Quotation System

Have you heard about our interactive quotation system that gives you an INSTANT quote for your plastic injection molding project? Watch our YouTube video to learn about our instant online quotation system. The short video demonstrates how easy it is to upload your 3D CAD model, specify your part quantity, material and other options, and submit the quote request. Within seconds, the system gives you your mold cost, piece price and total price with various shipping methods. Watch the YouTube video.