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How To Choose The Best Shipping Method From China

When you have a plastic injection molding project with ICOMold, you have various shipping options for your plastic parts. Our business office is in Ohio, but our manufacturing plant is in Shenzhen, China, so that’s where your parts will be shipping from. Our instant quote system will automatically calculate your shipping cost for you, and it will instantly update if you change the quantity of parts in your order. There is no set rule for which shipping method is cheapest [...]


Prototype and Low-Volume Plastic Injection Molds

Sometimes you need a prototype or low-volume injection mold rather than a full production mold. Maybe you’re just at the point of needing some prototype plastic parts to test for form, fit and function. Or maybe you need a bridge tool to ramp up to full production. At ICOMold, we’re very good at producing prototype molds, and we can make them very quickly and at low cost. Our prototype molds carry a warranty of 10,000 cycles, so they’re ideal for low-volume [...]


Plastic Material Selection Can Make All the Difference

Image: Plastics Technology When you request an instant online quote for your plastic injection molding project, you specify options like part quantity, color and surface finish. One of these very important options to consider is what type of plastic material you want your parts made out of. In injection molding, you have a lot of choices when it comes to material selection, and your material choice affects the appearance and performance of your parts. Does your part need to have high-impact strength? [...]


Selecting Secondary Processes for Your Injection Molded Parts

When you use our interactive online quotation system to request an instant quote for a plastic injection molding project, you have secondary process options that you can specify right in the request-for-quote form. This built-in feature makes it quicker and easier to see how additional production processes will affect the price of your injection molded plastic parts. After you upload your 3D CAD model and select your primary options (like quantity, material, color and surface finish), you can then specify post-molding [...]


Keys to a Successful Molding Project

Our customers run the gamut from design engineers at large corporations to inventors with their first product idea. Their experience with plastic injection molding varies greatly. In order for us to get to work on your custom plastic injection molding project for you as quickly and efficiently as possible, here are some keys: 1. Consult with a design engineer and material specialist to assist with the development of your project. 2. Have a 3D CAD model (STEP file format) and 2D [...]


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