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20% Off Your First 3D CAD File Creation

Want to get an injection molding quote but don’t have a CAD file? Thanks to our partnership with ZVerse, you have access to some of the industry’s top manufacturing engineers who can create, convert or repair your file. For a limited time, new customers can get 20% off the creation of a 3D CAD file. (Does not apply to existing or previous projects). Redeem My Discount


Injection Molding Complex Parts

Some of our new customers don’t come to us first for a custom plastic injection molding quote, but they give us the job because we can handle complex molding jobs that other molders can’t. If you’ve got a complex plastic part and want to know if we can manufacture it for you, our engineering team will be happy to provide you with Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback on your part design. And, as a full-service injection molding company, we offer overmolding, [...]


CNC Machined Prototype and Low-Volume Metal Parts

In addition to our plastic CNC machining capabilities, we also provide metal CNC machining. We offer various metal materials such as aluminum, steel, brass and titanium for CNC machining. We can also perform secondary processes like anodizing, plating and powder coating, and our standard tolerance for machined metal is +/- 0.002″. Many of our plastic injection molding customers also have a need for machined metal parts from time to time, so we provide the convenience of offering multiple manufacturing services from [...]


A Customer Success Story: Leprecon

For three decades, Leprecon has been providing lighting control, dimming and interfacing solutions for the performance industry. Their lighting control consoles contain many control switches, and some of the switches have plastic caps on them. Over the years, the availability of these switch caps was inconsistent and, finally, the last cap supplier closed its doors. Leprecon decided to get their own caps injection molded, so that’s when they came to us for a solution that would reduce the number of [...]


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