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Certifications for Quality

We want our customers to have confidence that they are doing business with a company that cares about quality, and cares about providing opportunity to minorities. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is proof that our quality management system ensures that we consistently provide product that meets customer requirements. It also shows that we strive to enhance customer satisfaction through our continuous improvement processes.  


Design For Moldability vs. Process Limitations

Some customers tell us that they went to another plastic injection molder first, only to be told that they had to redesign their part, or even that their part could not be injection molded. Sometimes it’s true – their part can’t be molded, or needs design changes to conform to Design For Moldability (DFM) requirements for issues like draft angle or wall thickness. These are universal requirements that every injection molder has. The Design Guidelines page of our website highlights [...]


Our Unique Discussion Board Facilitates Project Management

When you work with us on your custom plastic injection molding project, our interactive online system makes it easy to always know exactly where your project stands. One of the very convenient features of our project management system is the online discussion board. You can avoid the hassle of multiple emails and phone calls (though we will certainly be responsive if you do!) by having all the project correspondence take place on one platform. Through the discussion board, you can ask questions, [...]


How Can We Help You Promote Your Product?

It’s always exciting when we get to work with a company and see their product go from design to market. We appreciate it when our customers give us a compliment because they’re pleased with our work. We like to share their testimonials with other potential customers, so we post them on our testimonials page. It’s gratifying when customers tell us that their product is doing well on the market, and that we contributed to their success. We want to help them [...]


What Would Life Be Like Without Plastics?

’60s and ’70s plastic items on display at Le Plasticarium in Brussels We are very fortunate to be involved in manufacturing products out of one of the most common and versatile materials: Plastic. Just take a minute to look around you – it’s hard to NOT see things made out of plastic.   It’s fascinating to see all the various and creative products our customers design and come to us to injection mold for them. It really shines a light on the [...]


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