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Track Your Status With Our Online Project Management System

Follow Your Project Status With Our Online Tracking System Our unique online project management system allows you to always know the status of your plastic injection molding or CNC machining project. Forget the hassle of multiple points of contact like phone calls and emails. You’ll stay completely organized and updated throughout your project by having all the information in one place – in our project management system. Plus, you can communicate directly with your mold engineer through the discussion board on the [...]


Engineering Students Learn With Our Demo Quote System

Engineering students have the ability to try out our online quotation system by going to the Learning Center on our website. The demo version has the full functionality of our operational system. Students can learn about all the plastic materials that can be selected, choose surface finishes, color and all the options available in the request for quote. The demo quote is pre-loaded with sample 3D CAD models. By changing any of the pre-set options, students can experience how making changes [...]


Try Our Instant Online Quote System

Getting a quote for your plastic injection molding or CNC machining project is a whole lot quicker and easier with our interactive, instant online quote system. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for your plastic injection mold quote. With our revolutionary online quotation system, you will instantly know your mold cost and piece price. Simply register in our system, upload your 3D CAD file and specify your material and other options. Click Submit and boom – you get your quote. [...]


CNC Plastic Prototypes Shipped in 1-5 Days

CNC machining is a great option for testing a plastic prototype part, or for a small quantity of parts. And, it’s very fast – your parts will usually ship within 1-5 days. Since we only use high-quality resins for our CNC machined plastic prototype parts, they’re perfect for testing the form, fit and function of your parts, without having to produce injection mold tooling. CNC machining is also a good option compared to plastic injection molding if you only require a [...]


Our Instant Quote System Is a “Disruptive Interaction”

Being a marketing guy, one day I was reading an article on branding by Bill Horan (@bresslergroup) called “Branded Interactions: Trends and Strategies for Digital-Physical Products.” It’s a short article, but very insightful on the new ways consumers interact with brands. In a nutshell, the author talks about how, in the last five years, the accelerating adoption of technology has transformed both product design and product branding. Previously, a company would create branding associations with its customers through “physical” elements like form [...]


Our Lifetime Mold Warranty

When you purchase a production mold for your custom plastic injection molding project from us, we provide you with a lifetime mold warranty. As long as you continue to have us produce your plastic parts, we will maintain your mold. If your mold should require any maintenance whatsoever, we will refurbish it at no cost to you. In addition to our lifetime warranty on production molds, we also provide warranties on lower-volume molds, based on the production volume. Visit the Mold Types [...]


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