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EMI Shielding for Plastic Parts

Copper Paint Coating for EMI Shielding If you need electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for plastic parts that house electronics, copper paint coating can be a good option. Copper conductive paint is widely used in higher frequency EMI shielding applications (>30 MHz). While other conductive paints like silver or nickel may be more appropriate for some applications,  copper is a common, low-cost EMI paint. There are some considerations you should be aware of when designing plastic components that will require EMI shielding. For [...]


Case Study: An Inventor’s Product Development Journey

The SlingBaron: World’s First Twirling Harmonica Dryer An inventor’s journey through the product development cycle can be very difficult, time-consuming and costly. It was all three for Mike J. Baron, inventor of the SlingBaron, the world’s first twirling harmonica dryer. Mike is a longtime inventor and harmonica player who combined these two talents to develop a problem-solving product and bring it to market. The development process wasn’t easy for Mike, but his persistence and belief in his product drove him to continually [...]


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