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Using Interchangeable Mold Inserts to Save Cost

Interchangeable Mold Inserts for Similar, But Slightly Different, Parts Sometimes there is a need to injection mold multiple versions of a part. The parts may be identical except for one minor variation. In the example in the illustration, one part has two tabs on the center section, while the other version is just smooth on the center cylinder. Another example could be having one version of a part with a logo molded into it, while another version is smooth/unbranded. Using interchangeable mold inserts [...]


EMI Shielding for Plastic Parts

Copper Paint Coating for EMI Shielding If you need electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for plastic parts that house electronics, copper paint coating can be a good option. Copper conductive paint is widely used in higher frequency EMI shielding applications (>30 MHz). While other conductive paints like silver or nickel may be more appropriate for some applications,  copper is a common, low-cost EMI paint. There are some considerations you should be aware of when designing plastic components that will require EMI shielding. For [...]


Case Study: An Inventor’s Product Development Journey

The SlingBaron: World’s First Twirling Harmonica Dryer An inventor’s journey through the product development cycle can be very difficult, time-consuming and costly. It was all three for Mike J. Baron, inventor of the SlingBaron, the world’s first twirling harmonica dryer. Mike is a longtime inventor and harmonica player who combined these two talents to develop a problem-solving product and bring it to market. The development process wasn’t easy for Mike, but his persistence and belief in his product drove him to continually [...]