Monthly Archives - August 2018

Production Processes to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re at the beginning stage of product development and need a prototype, or at the final stage and ready for production parts, we’ve got the manufacturing process that’s right for you. We offer the following manufacturing processes: Urethane Casting: Fast, inexpensive prototype or low-volume parts with plastic- or rubber-like properties (1-25 parts) CNC Machining: Low-volume parts with a large selection of plastic or metal materials (1-100 parts) Prototype Injection Molding: Higher quantity of prototype parts, warrantied to 10,000 cycles Production [...]


Combining Multiple Parts in a Single Quote

Our instant online quotation system is unique in the industry – no one else provides an injection molding quote in less than 30 seconds. One benefit of the interactive quote system is that you can upload multiple CAD models into one quote. Simply click the “Add Part” button when you’re in the quote screen, and you can continue to add more parts to the same quote. The advantage of this feature is that you can manage all your parts in one [...]