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Plastic Injection Mold Types to Fit Your Production Volume

From a low-cost, low-volume steel mold with a warranty of 10,000 cycles, to an unlimited production mold with a lifetime warranty, we give you various options to fit your part production quantity. Depending on how many plastic parts you want to produce with your mold, our engineers will select the appropriate steel material for it. P20 is a general purpose steel designed for the plastic mold industry, and it is the steel we use for production molds. Other types of steel [...]


Preferred CAD Model File Format for an RFQ

When you use our instant online quote system, the first step is to upload the 3D CAD model of your part. Our system analyzes the model, and gives you an instant quote based on your quantity, material and other options. There are many different file formats for 3D CAD models, so how do you know which to use? When possible, a STEP file with an .stp or .step file extension is the preferred format to upload. STEP is a very [...]


Lower Pricing and New Options for CNC Machining

In order to provide more value to our customers, we’ve changed our pricing structure for CNC machined plastic parts. The new pricing provides quantity break discounts, so your piece price will now be lower on higher part quantities. We’ve also added new options in our online quotation system for CNC machining. The first new dropdown allows you to specify whether your part will be exposed to relatively high loads or pressure. The desired performance characteristics may dictate the manufacturing method [...]


New Information Released for CNC Machining

We are pleased to announce the release of new information regarding our metal and plastic CNC machining services. The following four website pages are now available under our CNC Machining section: CNC Machining Basics CNC Machining Materials CNC Machining Secondary Processes CNC Machining Tolerances


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