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3D CAD Model Design Services

When you request a quote for an injection molding project, the first thing you need to do is have a 3D CAD model of your part. This may seem obvious, but some customers contact us assuming we can give them a quote based on a part print (or less). While a print can be a very useful supporting document to call out critical tolerances/dimensions or areas of cosmetic surface finishes, for example, having a CAD model is necessary for [...]


Importance of 3D CAD Models for Projects

The product development process has multiple steps. It usually starts with a need or an idea to solve a problem. An inventor might even draw out his idea on a cocktail napkin. Unfortunately, we are not able to manufacture parts based on a napkin drawing, so some steps have to happen in between. A 2D part print might be produced, and prototypes might be made for testing. When it’s time for getting a quote for plastic injection molding or CNC machining, [...]


Preferred CAD Model File Format for an RFQ

When you use our instant online quote system, the first step is to upload the 3D CAD model of your part. Our system analyzes the model, and gives you an instant quote based on your quantity, material and other options. There are many different file formats for 3D CAD models, so how do you know which to use? When possible, a STEP file with an .stp or .step file extension is the preferred format to upload. STEP is a very [...]