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Impact of Colorants on Plastic Characteristics

If you’re starting a custom plastic injection molding project, you’ll want to select a material with the properties most suitable for the function of your parts. If your part design has a living hinge, for example, a Polypropylene (PP) with limited types of additives and fillers might be best. Our project engineers can discuss these things with you at the material selection stage. But one aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn’t always get the consideration it deserves is the addition of [...]


How Colorants Affect Plastic Characteristics

There are many synthetic polymers available today, each with its own unique properties. Some are more impact-resistant than others, some have more UV resistance, and some bend more rather than break. Anyone starting a custom plastic injection molding project should have initial discussions with their injection molder about material options, in order to choose the most suitable material with the properties needed for the function of the parts. One aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn’t always get the consideration it [...]


Lifetime Warranty on Plastic Injection Molds

When we manufacture a production mold for your plastic injection molding project, we provide you with a lifetime mold warranty. As long as we are making your plastic parts, we will maintain your mold at our expense, for the life of the tool. If your mold should require any maintenance or repairs whatsoever, we will take care of it at no cost, even if it needs replaced entirely. The lifetime warranty applies to our production molds. For smaller part quantity requirements, [...]


Secondary Processes for Injection Molded Plastic Parts

When you use our interactive quotation system to get an instant quote, you have post-molding process options that you can specify right in the RFQ form. When you upload your CAD model and select your primary options like quantity, material, color and surface finish, you can also use a dropdown menu to specify secondary processes like painting, printing and stamping. For more information, please visit our website. Visit our plastic injection molding service page for more information.


Moldability Feedback For Your Injection Molding Project

Our interactive quotation system gives you an instant quote for your custom plastic injection molding project, so you know your cost right away. Then, when your project launches, we will provide you with a detailed Design For Manufacturability (DFM) report. The DFM will point out any design features that may cause issues with your part. But prior to getting to this stage, you may have questions about the manufacturability of your part for the injection molding process, and that’s where the [...]


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