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Comparison Guide for Plastic Material Performance

The Plastic Performance Penguin (The Triple P) When you’re choosing the plastic material for your plastic injection molding project, you have literally thousands of materials to choose from. There are several factors to consider, such as cost, strength and temperature range. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a penguin-shaped chart that helped guide you through a comparison of the most common plastic materials? Well you’re in luck because our Plastic Performance Penguin (“Triple P” for short) does just that. Sure, we could have [...]


How Colorants Affect Plastic Characteristics

There are many synthetic polymers available today, each with its own unique properties. Some are more impact-resistant than others, some have more UV resistance, and some bend more rather than break. Anyone starting a custom plastic injection molding project should have initial discussions with their injection molder about material options, in order to choose the most suitable material with the properties needed for the function of the parts. One aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn’t always get the consideration it [...]


Impact of Colorants on Plastic Characteristics

If you’re starting a custom plastic injection molding project, you’ll want to select a material with the properties most suitable for the function of your parts. If your part design has a living hinge, for example, a Polypropylene (PP) with limited types of additives and fillers might be best. Our project engineers can discuss these things with you at the material selection stage. But one aspect of polymer characteristics that doesn’t always get the consideration it deserves is the addition of [...]


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