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Low-Cost Option for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

ICOMold manufactures high-quality, low-cost custom plastic injection molds and plastic parts for a variety of industries around the world. From low volume to production runs, we’ll manufacture your custom injection mold and plastic parts to your specifications. Headquartered near Toledo, Ohio, we’re easy to work with. And at the same time, we keep our costs down by manufacturing in our China plant, which allows us to save you 30-50% compared to our competitors. Depending on your requirements, we use hardened steel or [...]


Helping Inventors Get Their Products to Market

We injection mold the diffuser parts of NYX+ Innovations’ BerryGood bottleGot an idea for a better mousetrap? If it’s made out of injection molded plastic, chances are we can help you get it to market. Over the years, we’ve helped numerous inventors and entrepreneurs develop and injection mold their plastic products, many of which are successfully selling on the market today. Often times, the inventor has an idea to solve a problem that he or she frequently encounters in their pursuit [...]


Aluminum or Steel: Which is Best for a Plastic Injection Mold?

ICOMold has always made plastic injection molds out of hardened steel. But in some cases injection molds can be made out of aluminum. So how do you know if a steel mold or an aluminum mold is best for your plastic injection molding project? There are advantages and disadvantages of each, depending on certain variables of your project. The major differences are: * Modifications: Steel molds are easier to modify than aluminum if you have design changes, so they’re [...]


Electronic Predator Calls from ICOtec, Our Sister Division

Here at ICOMold, we provide custom plastic injection molding for a variety of industries worldwide. But many people don’t know that we also manufacture electronic animal callers for our sister division, ICOtec. So what is an electronic predator call? It is a remote-controlled animal attraction device used to lure in animals for hunting. Like a duck call, only for predators like foxes and coyotes. The ICOtec line includes several models of calls, each with different features and number of programmable, natural [...]


3D CAD Model File Format for Submitting an RFQ

When you use our instant online quote system for a plastic injection molding project, the first step is to upload the 3D CAD model of your part. Our system analyzes the model, and gives you an instant quote based on your quantity, material and other options. Sometimes there’s uncertainty about what file format to use for the CAD model, so we’d like to clarify. When possible, a STEP file with an .stp or .step file extension is the preferred format [...]


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