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Our wholly-owned-and-operated plant in China One of the advantages we have over our competitors is that our business office is in Ohio, so we’re easy to communicate with and do business with. You’ll work with an English-speaking project manager, so there’s no language barrier. You don’t have to worry about the time difference to an offshore company, or risk that someone in Asia will take your money and run. We’re right here in the U.S. and we’re accountable. We’ve been in the [...]


How We Helped an Inventor Get His Product to Market

Quik-Load tube magazine rifle loader When Kevin Jensen had an idea for an invention to help hunting and rifle enthusiasts solve an ammo loading problem, he came to ICOMold to manufacture it. An avid sportsman and gun enthusiast, Kevin recognized a problem. In the cold months in his town of Sioux Falls, SD – or anywhere, for that matter – it’s hard to load .22 shells into the tubular magazine of a rimfire rifle when you’re in the field. Wearing gloves, Kevin [...]


Video: CNC Machining

Check Out This New ICOMold Video on CNC Machining In addition to plastic injection molding, we also provide plastic CNC machining. CNC machining can be a good alternative for prototyping and low volume plastic parts. Not only is CNC machining fast, but it’s ideal for testing the form, fit and function of your production part because we use only high-quality plastics for CNC machining. This is not always the case for a 3D printed prototype. Watch this new video to learn more [...]


Three Types of Molds

A Comparison of Three Types of Plastic Injection Molds At ICOMold, we give you options for the type of plastic injection mold you get, depending on your part volume and how your parts will be made. The three main types of molds are prototype or low-volume, production, and export. Here is a brief explanation of each type of mold: Prototype / Low-Volume: As the name implies, this type of mold is best for prototypes and low volumes of parts. The molds are lower-cost [...]


Plastic Injection Molding Key Terms

10 Key Terms for Plastic Injection Molding Our customer base has a very diverse level of knowledge when it comes to plastic injection molding. We have large companies with seasoned pros who give us a lot of repeat business, all the way down to inventors who have an idea for a new product they want to market, and this is the first time they are working with a plastic injection molding company. Regardless of your level of knowledge, there are certain [...]


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