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Threaded Inserts Molded Into Plastic Parts

If you need threaded inserts molded into your plastic parts, we have the capability to do various types of insert molding. And, since it’s done in the primary molding process, it doesn’t add any time to our standard lead time. Inserts are typically used to join parts together, and can be metal, ceramic or plastic material. The inserts just need to be able to withstand the high temperature and pressure of the injection molding process. Insert molding can reduce cost by [...]


Lifetime Warranty on Production Injection Molds

When we manufacture a production mold for your custom plastic injection molding project, we provide you with a lifetime mold warranty. You own the mold, but we will maintain it, at our cost, as long as we are running parts for you. If your mold should require any maintenance or repairs whatsoever, we will take care of it at no cost to you. Even if it needs replaced entirely, we will do that at no charge. The lifetime warranty applies to [...]


What is custom injection molding?

Many manufacturers need a large number of custom made plastic parts in order to complete a new product, but businesses don’t always know the best way to produce such a large number of plastic parts in a short amount of time. The answer: Custom injection molding. This process is the No. 1 way to produce a large quantity of high-quality, low-cost plastic parts for your business’ next major project. By having ICOMold’s engineers create a custom mold of your plastic part, we’re [...]


Need to Speak to a Real Human? We’re Here For You!

It’s true that our automated quotation system gives you an instant quote for your custom plastic injection molding project. It’s also true that once your project has launched, you can track your project status online through the same system. But sometimes you need to talk to somebody – you need moldability advice on a draft angle or wall thickness, for example. Or you have a question about using our interactive quotation system. That’s where our knowledgeable Project Engineers come in. They’re [...]


Streamlined Ordering for CNC Machined Plastic Parts

Our interactive online quotation system provides INSTANT quotes for plastic injection molding and CNC machining projects. If you’ve visited our website, you may already know that it’s a service we provide that our competitors don’t. And with CNC machining projects, we also offer an additional feature that expedites the ordering process so you can get your parts faster. Once your online quote is confirmed by a quote engineer, you have the option to Buy Now – you can simply click the [...]


What is the plastic injection molding process?

ICOMold is a plastic molding manufacturer that uses a complex plastic injection molding process to produce thousands of plastic parts each day in various shapes and sizes. The process requires an injection molding machine and has four steps. These steps can take anywhere from two seconds and two minutes to complete, depending on how large the molds are and the efficiency of the machine. Here we outline the process so you have a better idea of how ICOMold is able to [...]


The difference between plastic injection molding and plastic injection moulding

For almost 15 years, ICOMold has produced quality plastic injection molded parts for customers around the world using custom injection molding. We’ve fielded a variety of questions during that time, but here’s one you might not expect: “What is the difference between injection molding plastic products and injection moulding plastic products?” The answer is simple: There is no physical difference. The reason for the spelling difference is that American English uses molding, and British English uses moulding. As a worldwide [...]


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