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3D Printing vs CNC Machining

The question to ask when considering 3D Printing vs CNC Machining is: “What will my parts be used for?” As these are two different processes, the products they produce must be considered completely different beasts as well. 3D Printing is an additive process whereas CNC machining (or milling) is a subtractive process. Sure there are pros and cons for each process, but ultimately, what is it you want your plastic part to do or accomplish? After examining the products [...]


7 Reasons to Choose ICOMold for Plastic Injection Molding, Molded Plastic Parts, and CNC Machined Parts

Instant Injection Mold & Plastic Parts Quotes — ICOMold’s proprietary Online Injection Mold Quoting System can give you your mold and parts quote instantly. You won’t end up waiting for days for your quote, you see it in real-time on your computer screen after you upload your 3D CAD file. Instant is as fast as a plastic injection mold quote can get. Low Cost — The cost of plastic injection molding, molded parts and CNC machined parts from ICOMold is very, very competitive. Our cost is [...]


Using Steel Molds for Plastic Injection Molds

When considering plastic injection molds, using steel molds can give one an advantage depending upon the molding process and types or quantities of parts that are needed. ICOMold uses steel for its molds for the many advantages that aluminum molds do not have. Of course, there are aluminum advantages too, but ICOMold chooses the steel for our molds for the following reasons:   Steel can handle higher temperatures and pressure than aluminum can without the molds changing shape or warping. Unlike aluminum molds, steel [...]