Importance of 3D CAD Models for Projects

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Importance of 3D CAD Models for Projects

3D CAD modelThe product development process has multiple steps. It usually starts with a need or an idea to solve a problem. An inventor might even draw out his idea on a cocktail napkin.

Unfortunately, we are not able to manufacture parts based on a napkin drawing, so some steps have to happen in between. A 2D part print might be produced, and prototypes might be made for testing.

When it’s time for getting a quote for plastic injection molding or CNC machining, we will require a 3D CAD model of your part. This is absolutely necessary – it is required for a quotation, and used to make sure the parts are produced to your specifications.

A 2D print can be a helpful supporting document to specify certain details like color, surface finish and critical details and tolerances, but the 3D CAD model is the essential driver of every project.

Our preferred file format for 3D CAD models is STEP (.stp or .step), and we may be able to convert other formats for you as well. We cannot, however, work with .stl files, which are used for 3D printing.

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