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Automation, Plus the Human Touch

It’s true that our automated quotation system gives you an instant quote for your custom plastic injection molding project. It’s also true that once your project has launched, you can track your project status online through the same system. But sometimes you need to talk to somebody about your project – you may want advice on a draft angle or wall thickness, for example. That’s where our knowledgeable Project Engineers come in. They’re here to walk you through any design for moldability [...]


New CAD Model Design Service Partner

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with a professional design service with a large group of designers who specialize in designing for injection molding. If you need to get a quote but don’t have a 3D CAD model (or need your file modified, repaired or converted), we are now offering these services through our design partner ZVerse. To get a custom plastic part produced, you first need to start with a 3D CAD model. The CAD model [...]


Secondary Processes Add Aesthetics and Customization

Post-molding (secondary) processes are sometimes needed with injection molded plastic parts. Screen printing, for example, can add a logo or other markings to your part. A great example is the letters, numbers and symbols printed on your computer keyboard’s plastic keys. At ICOMold, we offer secondary processes that you can specify right in our online quotation system. When you upload your CAD model and select your primary options like quantity, material, color and surface finish, you can also use a dropdown [...]


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