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Knowledge Base for Plastic Injection Molding

ICOMold’s Learning Center is a resource for technical knowledge regarding plastic injection molding. One of the most-used resources is the Design Guidelines page, which addresses areas of concern in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) in injection molding. There is also a demo quote tool that engineering students can use to become familiar with using our online quotation system. Within the Learning Center, there is also an entire section of technical information called the “Knowledge Base,” which includes information on plastic part shrinkage, machine [...]


Low-Cost Custom Plastic Injection Molding

ICOMold manufactures high-quality, low-cost custom plastic injection molds and plastic parts for a variety of industries around the world. From low volume to production runs, we’ll manufacture your custom injection mold and plastic parts to your specifications. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, we’re easy to work with. And at the same time, we keep our costs down by manufacturing in our China plant, which allows us to save you 30-50% compared to our competitors. We use hardened steel for our molds and provide [...]


Injection Molding Machine Clamp Tonnage

Believe it or not, the clamp tonnage page of our website gets a lot of traffic. A lot. The amount of interest in this topic is really quite surprising. We ran across a great article published on the Plastics Technology website two weeks ago that is definitely one of the best articles ever written on the topic of clamp tonnage. The article, entitled Clamp Tonnage: More Is Better…Right? was written by Jeremy Williams, a consultant/trainer for RJG Inc., a company that [...]


CNC Machined Plastic Prototypes Shipped in 1-5 Days

CNC machining is a great option for testing a plastic prototype part, or for a small quantity of parts. And, it’s very fast – your parts will usually ship in 1-5 days. Since we only use high-quality plastics for our CNC machined prototype parts, they’re perfect for testing the form, fit and function of your parts, without having to produce injection mold tooling. Although the gap is closing, material choice is still an advantage of CNC machining over 3D printing for [...]


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