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Knowledge Base Provides Wealth of Information

You’d probably never guess that the page on our website about plastic injection molding shrinkage is one of the most-visited pages on our website, but it is. In fact, the Learning Center area of our site actually gets a lot of traffic from customers, potential customers, and higher education institutions (Stanford University even links to our site). Within the Learning Center is a page called Knowledge Base, which has yet additional links to individual pages with information on everything from basic [...]


Informational Videos on ICOMold’s YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel provides informative videos on several topics to help you learn more about our company. The three most recently posted videos are especially relevant to what we do here at ICOMold, and they’re all under a minute in length. The video topics include: * Our Instant Online Quotation System * Plastic Injection Molding * CNC Machining Please stop on over to our YouTube channel to learn more and subscribe.


Follow Your Project Status With Our Online Tracking System

Online Project Management System Our unique online project management system allows you to always know the status of your plastic injection molding or CNC machining project. Forget the hassle of multiple points of contact like phone calls and emails. You’ll stay completely organized and updated throughout your project by having all the information in one place – in our project management system. Plus, our system eliminates the headaches of trying to deal directly with a low-cost country. You can communicate directly with [...]


Secondary Process Options in Quotation System

When you use our interactive online quote system to request an instant quote for a plastic injection molding project, you have secondary process options right in the initial request form. This new feature has been added in the last couple of months to make it quicker and easier to see how additional production processes will affect the price of your plastic injection molded parts. After you upload your 3D CAD model and select your primary options like quantity, material, color and [...]


Lifetime Warranty on ICOMold Plastic Injection Molds

When you purchase a production mold for your custom plastic injection molding project from us, we provide you with a lifetime mold warranty. As long as you continue to have us produce your plastic parts, we will maintain your mold. If your mold should require any maintenance or repairs whatsoever, we will refurbish it at no cost to you. Even if it needs replaced entirely, we will do that at no charge to you. In addition to our lifetime warranty on [...]


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