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New Web Resource: The Fundamentals of Plastic Injection Molding

Many customers come to us with the CAD model of the parts they need, we quote them, and they have us make their plastic parts for them. They don’t know what happens in between, and they don’t care. Others, however, may be curious about the injection molding process – they want to know how their parts are made. For the curious, there’s a resource page on our website that explains the plastic injection molding process. Learn the fundamentals of plastic injection molding


Instant Quotes and Design Feedback

Why wait days, or even hours, for a plastic injection molding quote when you can get one instantly? Our online quotation system is the only one like it in the plastic injection molding industry. You simply upload the 3D CAD model of your part, specify the quantity, material and other options, and within 30 seconds you see your tooling cost and piece price. In addition to being automated, it is interactive. You can change the material or part quantity, [...]


Online Resources for Plastic Injection Molding

When it comes to custom plastic injection molding, we offer our customers a wide range of options for material, color and surface finish, among others. If you ever need to research any of these options for your injection molding project, please check out the resources on our website. Design for Manufacturability To ensure your parts are moldable, please review our part design guidelines and follow these basic steps when designing your plastic parts for the injection molding process. More… Choosing the Right [...]


Always Know Your Project Status With Our Online Discussion Board

When you work with us on a custom plastic injection molding project, our interactive online system makes it easy to always know exactly where your project stands. One very convenient feature of our project management system is the online discussion board. You can avoid the hassle of multiple emails to different people, and playing “phone tag,” by having all the project correspondence take place on one platform. Through the discussion board, you can ask questions, get updates and communicate directly with [...]


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