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“Quality” and “Low Cost”: the Odd Couple of the Injection Molding High Rise

We’ve heard it from the time our parents turned on the television or radio: low-cost and high quality the soap box rants of the commercial advertiser. If it’s not the blind taste test of two colas, then it was the stuffing versus potatoes debate. Whose car was better? Whose t.v. network was the top of the ratings? Did your knife slice through an aluminum can then zoom through a tomato? Or can your blender atomize a brick then obliterate [...]


Searching for Injection Molding on the Web

One thing that can frustrate the most savvy of marketing professionals is the “moods” of the internet. I say “moods” because figuratively that is exactly what occurs to each engine algorithms. Every business wants more traffic coming to their website to see the latest and greatest offerings for their customers but it can be difficult to show potential customers your latest and greatest offerings when search engines (like Google, for example) change the way search operations happen by altering [...]