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3D CAD Model Design Services

When you request a quote for an injection molding project, the first thing you need to do is have a 3D CAD model of your part. This may seem obvious, but some customers contact us assuming we can give them a quote based on a part print (or less). While a print can be a very useful supporting document to call out critical tolerances/dimensions or areas of cosmetic surface finishes, for example, having a CAD model is necessary for [...]


Plastic Material Samples and Design Discs

We are pleased to announce the availability of a hexagonal disc that demonstrates the material characteristics of ABS, and illustrates how it looks and behaves with different aspects like material surface finishes, knit lines, flash and flow. We injection molded the ABS discs for our customer and marketing partner, Plastic Sample Kits, as one of a 20-piece kit. Each disc in the complete kit is molded out of a different plastic resin, so you can compare material characteristics between them. [...]


Post-Molding Part Painting and Other Secondary Processes

Post-molding, or secondary, processes can enhance injection molded plastic parts by adding aesthetics and functionality. Painting is one of the most common secondary processes. There are several different painting processes, each of which provides unique solutions for making plastic parts more robust. For instance, stamping may be the best method for painting a logo on a part, whereas spray painting would be a better option for changing the color of more of the part. Or silk screening may be best for [...]


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