Injection Molded Plastic Part Shrinkage, Explained

Injection Molded Plastic Part Shrinkage, Explained

plastic part shrinkage

Image: Plastics Technology

Plastic injection molding shrinkage is the contraction of a plastic molded part as it cools in the mold, and even after ejection.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the amount of shrinkage a particular plastic part may undergo, such as the type of plastic material, wall thicknesses, and processing parameters.

Mold makers must factor in shrinkage and compensate for it when making the injection molds that will make the plastic parts. So how do they know how much to compensate for shrinkage? There is a general rule of thumb, and material data sheets provide information about each particular plastic material.

But as for the processing parameters, our highly-trained mold engineers apply their knowledge and experience to make the adjustments necessary to mitigate the effects of shrinkage.

To learn more, visit the shrinkage page of our website.

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