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Is it REALLY Necessary to Change Your Part Design?

Customers frequently tell us that they went to another injection molder first, only to be told that they had to redesign their part. It’s important to understand the difference between needing to change a design for moldability, versus the manufacturer requiring changes just to fit their moldmaking capabilities. At ICOMold, we provide feedback to our customers on moldability issues like draft angles and wall thickness. These are universal requirements that every injection molder has. (Visit the Design Guidelines page on our [...]


Our Runners Won’t Flash You at the Gate!

Last week we attended Amerimold, the trade show for moldmakers. MoldMaking Technology magazine puts on a very professional conference, with numerous informative presentations over the course of the two-day event. Every year, they give out t-shirts with the “Top 10 Reasons To Be A Moldmaker” printed on them. Companies submitting entries are encouraged to make them humorous – the funnier, the better. Our entry, “Our Runners Won’t Flash You At The Gate,” was chosen as the #1 reason! Of course, you have [...]


Shipping Options Shown with Instant Quotes for Plastic Injection Molding

Our business office is in Ohio, so we’re easy to do business with, and our manufacturing plant is in China, where the lower cost structure allows us to save you money on your plastic injection molding project. Since our turnaround time is so fast, you’ll have your custom plastic parts shipped to you faster than from most of our competitors, regardless of where they’re located. When you get an instant online quote from ICOMold, we give you 4 shipping options right [...]


Aluminum vs. Steel for Plastic Injection Molds

ICOMold has always offered hardened steel material for plastic injection molds. But injection mold tools can also be made out of aluminum, and many of our competitors use aluminum.. So how do you know if a steel mold or an aluminum mold is best for your plastic injection molding project? There are advantages and disadvantages of each. The major differences are: * Modifications: Steel molds are easier to modify if you have design changes, so they’re a better choice if [...]


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