Lower Pricing and New Options for CNC Machining

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Lower Pricing and New Options for CNC Machining

CNC machining low pricing

In order to provide more value to our customers, we’ve changed our pricing structure for CNC machined plastic parts. The new pricing provides quantity break discounts, so your piece price will now be lower on higher part quantities.

We’ve also added new options in our online quotation system for CNC machining. The first new dropdown allows you to specify whether your part will be exposed to relatively high loads or pressure. The desired performance characteristics may dictate the manufacturing method and therefore your cost. A “show piece” could be made economically, whereas a functional prototype that needs to stand up to the same conditions as your production parts would be manufactured to withstand that load or pressure.

You can also now specify secondary processes for your CNC machined plastic parts right in the RFQ. You can choose post-milling processes like painting or silk screening, and your quote will reflect those secondary processes.

If you’re ready to get your plastic CNC machining project going with us, please give us a call at (419) 867-3900 or email sales@icomold.com.

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