What is custom injection molding?

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What is custom injection molding?

Many manufacturers need a large number of custom made plastic parts in order to complete a new product, but businesses don’t always know the best way to produce such a large number of plastic parts in a short amount of time.

The answer: Custom injection molding.

This process is the No. 1 way to produce a large quantity of high-quality, low-cost plastic parts for your business’ next major project.

By having ICOMold’s engineers create a custom mold of your plastic part, we’re able to produce thousands of custom plastic parts for your business in a short amount of time. By injecting molten plastic into a custom injection mold, our machines are capable of producing parts in a matter of seconds. This will help you meet deadlines and keep your assembly lines running at all times.

When you work with ICOMold, there are two ways we can help you produce a custom injection molding:
1. We can produce the mold in our facility, mold your parts and ship them directly to your business, or
2. We can build and ship a custom mold (“export mold”) to your business so you can manufacture your plastic parts in-house.

Best of all, custom injection molding can be used for virtually anything. As one of the leading plastic injection molders, ICOMold has produced custom plastic molds for businesses in the medical, automotive, food and packaging industries, along with many others.

To learn how we can produce custom plastic injection molds and parts for your business’ next project, give us a call at 419-867-3900 or email sales@icomold.com. You can also get an instant quote online.

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