Threaded Inserts Molded Into Plastic Parts

Threaded Inserts Molded Into Plastic Parts

Threaded insert molded into plasticIf you need threaded inserts molded into your plastic parts, we have the capability to do various types of insert molding. And, since it’s done in the primary molding process, it doesn’t add any time to our standard lead time.

Inserts are typically used to join parts together, and can be metal, ceramic or plastic material. The inserts just need to be able to withstand the high temperature and pressure of the injection molding process.

Insert molding can reduce cost by embedding secondary parts into the primary plastic part, as compared to adding them in a post-molding process such as ultrasonic or thermal installation.

You can specify insert molding when you submit a request for quote.

To learn more about insert molding, please visit the Insert Molding page of our website.

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