Electronic Predator Calls from ICOtec, Our Sister Division

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Electronic Predator Calls from ICOtec, Our Sister Division

ICOtec GC350Here at ICOMold, we provide custom plastic injection molding for a variety of industries worldwide. But many people don’t know that we also manufacture electronic animal callers for our sister division, ICOtec.

So what is an electronic predator call? It is a remote-controlled animal attraction device used to lure in animals for hunting. Like a duck call, only for predators like foxes and coyotes.

The ICOtec line includes several models of calls, each with different features and number of programmable, natural sounding animal sounds. There are sounds of animals in distress, for example, that quickly draw in coyotes and other predators for the hunt.

ICOtec electronic predator calls are considered the best on the market, and are sold at Walmart, Cabela’s, Dunham’s, Rural King and a host of other retailers.

To learn more, visit the ICOtec website.

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