CNC Machined Plastic Prototypes Shipped in 1-5 Days

CNC Machined Plastic Prototypes Shipped in 1-5 Days

CNC machined plastic prototypesCNC machining is a great option for testing a plastic prototype part, or for a small quantity of parts. And, it’s very fast – your parts will usually ship in 1-5 days.

Since we only use high-quality plastics for our CNC machined prototype parts, they’re perfect for testing the form, fit and function of your parts, without having to produce injection mold tooling.

Although the gap is closing, material choice is still an advantage of CNC machining over 3D printing for prototypes. Since there are different material options, you can test the material characteristics of your CNC prototype for the conditions your production part will be under.

CNC machining is also a good option compared to injection molding if you only require a small volume of parts. It is more economical to CNC machine them if you only need a few parts.

Consider CNC machining for your plastic prototype or low-volume parts, and get them FAST!

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