What is the plastic injection molding process?

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What is the plastic injection molding process?

ICOMold is a plastic molding manufacturer that uses a complex plastic injection molding process to produce thousands of plastic parts each day in various shapes and sizes.

The process requires an injection molding machine and has four steps. These steps can take anywhere from two seconds and two minutes to complete, depending on how large the molds are and the efficiency of the machine.

Here we outline the process so you have a better idea of how ICOMold is able to produce your plastic parts.

Step 1: Clamping

A special mold is designed to produce the customer’s plastic part. The mold has two halves that are pressed together using a hydraulic clamp. The clamp holds the mold in place during the injection and cooling processes and will open the mold once the plastic piece has been fully created.

Step 2: Injection

This is when raw plastic pellets are fed from a funnel-shaped hopper into the injection molding machine. Once in the machine, an auger screw pushes the pellets through a barrel where the plastic is heated and injected from the nozzle into the mold quickly and with high pressure. This is done for two reasons: 1. the added pressure packs as much plastic into the mold as possible, and 2. the cooling process takes place immediately.

Step 3: Cooling

As soon as the molten plastic hits the mold, the cooling process begins. This is when the plastic hardens into the shape of the mold. The mold cannot be opened at any point during the cooling process and the amount of time needed for a part to fully cool can vary from piece to piece.

Step 4: Ejection

Once cooled, the mold is opened and the plastic part is ejected out of the mold. Sometimes a lubricant is sprayed into the mold before the process begins to prevent pieces from sticking to the mold.

After the plastic piece is fully ejected from the mold, the hydraulic clamp pushes the mold together and the process starts over for the next piece to be formed.

If you would like to know more about plastic injection molding or think your company can use our services, give us a call at 419-867-3900 or email sales@icomold.com.

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